8 Best Places To Go Stand Up Paddle Boarding In Alaska


Let’s talk about the best places to go stand up paddle boarding in Alaska! Alaska is the most north western state in the entire U.S.A, actually, it is the most western point in the whole of North America. It is so rich in natural beauty, endowed with wildlife, snowy mountain peaks, large coastlines and water falls.

Alaska is a very diverse region, having different terrains at varying elevations. It houses over 1 million lakes, just over 3,000 of those lakes are natural. These lakes vary in sizes of course, they vary in elevation as well. The lowest sits at sea level and the highest sitting over 1,000 meters above sea level.

Alaska is a great place for stand up paddle boarding. Definitely check out our recommended destinations below and have fun on the waters with your family or friends!

Here’s a List of the 8 Best Places to Go Paddle Boarding in Alaska

  • Lake Clark

  • Kenai Lake

  • Skilak Lake

  • Mendenhall Lake

  • Wonder Lake

  • Eklutna Lake

  • Ilamnia Lake

  • Auke Lake

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1. Lake Clark Alaska

Standup Paddle Boarding in Lake Clark Alaska

The Lake Clark National Park And Reserve is where you’ll find this beautiful piece of nature. It is one of the most popular lakes in America, having more than 22,000 visitors annually who all come to enjoy its magnificent views.

Getting there is somewhat an adventure on its own, as there are no roads to get you there. You need to make arrangements for a boat or seaplane to convey you.

Fishing, kayaking and boating are the most common activities there. You can also hike, camp and watch the birds as a pass time.

Why Visit Lake Clark Alaska?

  • Well, it’s one of the most popular lakes in America with lots of exciting water sporting activities.
  • It has magnificent views.

2. Kenai Lake Alaska

Standup Paddle Boarding in Kenai Lake Alaska

The Kenai lake is pretty large, it has a zig zag shaped feature and is located in the Chugach National Forest. This lake is very popular when it comes to recreational activities, both on the lake itself and its immediate surroundings.

This 5,590 hectare lake is home to fishing activities, as well as paddle boarding. It also has 4 camping grounds on the lake’s shoreline, the smallest having just 8 primitive sites. This is a great spot for true lovers of nature.

It’s also a great place to hike, having 4 different trails that head in different directions. You can get there via the Sterling highway and the Steward highway.

The views are great and you’d absolutely love it

Why Visit The Kenai Lake Alaska?

  • It’s a spacious lake.
  • Great camping grounds.

3. Skilak Lake Alaska

Standup Paddle Boarding in Skilak Lake Alaska

Skilak lake sits west of the Kenai Lake, in the heart of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. It’s a stunning work of nature, large in size and filled with melted glacier water. This makes the water really clear.

You can access the Kenai Lake via a small road, just off Sterling highway. If you’re coming from Soldotna, then its only a 30 minute drive. This road is also a starting point for several hiking trails that lead through the wildlife refuge.

Locals and tourists are attracted to the lake because of the many canoeing, kayaking and camping activities that make the site so popular.

The lake has 2 campgrounds. Take your pick!

Why Visit The Skilak Lake Alaska?

  • It has very clear water.
  • Nice camp sites.

4. Mendenhall Lake Alaska

Standup Paddle Boarding in Mendenhall Lake Alaska

Right at the end of the 21 kilometer Mendenhall Glacier in the coast mountains is where you’ll find the Mendenhall Lake.

This lake is as beautiful as they come, and it’s the main attraction of the Mendenhall Recreational area.

You can access the lake from Juneau via the Glacier highway and Mendenhall Loop Road, then a scenic drive through the Tongass National Forest.

The southwest corner of the lake has a campground and rentable cabins.

Besides the scenery, it’s a great spot for canoeing and kayaking.

Why Visit The Mendenhall Lake Alaska?

  • The scenery is so beautiful.

5. Wonder Lake Alaska

Paddle Boarding in Wonder Lake Alaska

Wonder Lake is found at the Denali National Park and Preserve. It sits high at 610 meters above sea level.

A main attraction is its spectacular view of Denali, which is the highest peak in the entire North America.

The South end of the lake has a campground, nearest to the mountain. Be informed that all the sites here are tent only and there’s no electricity, it’s all nature. So make proper arrangements for your stay if you plan to pass the night.

Why Visit The Wonder Lake Alaska?

  • It gives you a breathtaking view of Denali.
  • There’s no electricity here, this I great for campers who really want that 100% natural outdoor experience.

6. Eklutna Lake, Anchorage Alaska

Standup Paddle Boarding in Eklutna Lake Alaska

One of the most scenic rides you will ever have is driving 35 kilometers from the city of Anchorage, through the Chugach State Park, along the east side of Eklutna Lake. Simply breathtaking!

This site is filled with various plant life to feed your eyes (and photo albums) with. It’s excellent for fishing, boating and picnicking. Great for family trips.

There are 50 sites at the campground, which is located at the very north tip of the lake.

Take note that the surroundings change with the seasons. During the winter, the Eklutna Lake is perfect for snow mobile rides and skiing.

Good news for paddle board lovers, the lake and camping ground is open all year round!

Why Visit The Eklutna Lake, Anchorage Alaska?

  • The plants are a great sight.
  • It is open all year round.

7. Ilamnia Lake Alaska

Paddle Boarding lliamna Lake Alaska

Visiting here is a must for lovers of fresh water, its size will leave you in awe, spanning over 300,000 hectares. It is the largest lake in Alaska and the second largest fresh water lake in all of America.

It is found in the southwest region of the state, West of the Cook Inlet.

There’s a little mystery attached to Ilamnia Lake, local myths say that the lake is inhabited by a giant black fish that bites holes in canoes. Nobody can prove that though, as there have been no reports of such incidents. Guess that should keep you on your toes as you paddle, lol.

This lake is home to as many as 6 islands and there are 6 villages laying on the shores of it.

For the villagers, tourism is a main part of their economy. Same goes for fishing, as the Ilamnia Lake has the largest sockeye salmon running the whole world.

Why Visit Ilamnia Lake Alaska?

  • Besides paddle boarding, you’ll have a great fishing experience (if you care for it).
  • It’s a great tourist center.

8. Auke Lake Alaska

Paddle Boarding in Auke Lake Alaska

One of the most photographed spots in the entire Alaska is the Mt. McGinnis from the north shoreline of Auke Lake. Needless to say, it’s simply amazing!

Auke Lake is popular for recreational activities such as swimming, kayaking, canoeing and rowing.

Great place to visit!

Why Visit The Auke Lake Alaska?

  • You can take some really amazing pictures at Mt.Mcginnis.
  • Nice waters, great for paddle boarding.

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