The 8 Best Stand Up Paddle Board Storage And Travel Bags

standup paddle board travel bag

We Reviewed The 8 Best Stand Up Paddle Board Storage and Travel Bags In the Industry. 

In this post we discuss the best stand up paddle board storage and travel bags. So you have your paddle board and you want to travel. Maybe you want to travel with your SUP board on vacation. There are many exciting places all over the world to go paddle boarding. 

Maybe you want to easily carry it down to the river or store it in the garage without having to hang extra storage racks.

There are many things to consider when looking for a paddle board travel bag. Different bags are designed for different paddle boards.

Some bags are better for air-travel. While others are great for storage. There are a few things that you should look for before investing in a SUP travel and storage bag.


The SUP Buyer’s Guide To The Best Stand Up Paddle Board Storage and Travel Bags: 

Here are somethings to consider during your research:

  • Proper ventilation to protect the board.
  • Easy to carry and transport for care-free traveling.
  • Room for extra gear that you always have on your SUP adventures.
  • A water-safe zipper, so it will not rust.


Stand Up Paddle Board Storage and Travel Bags Product Review:


BPS Premium Universal Inflatable Paddleboard:iSUP Bag

BPS 'Premium Universal Inflatable SUP Board Bag/iSUP Bag - Easy to Carry Inflatable Board Backpack -...
  • Grab your BPS Premium Universal iSUP bag today! Designed by an experienced paddle boarder to fit ALL inflatable paddle boards up to 12’6 in length and 34 inches in width – INCLUDING having the...
  • With dimensions of 39.37" x 17.72" x 14.17”, BPS iSUP bag is large enough to fit everything you need for a SUP session. BPS have included four separate ways to pick up, carry or hang up this bag...
  • Padded shoulder straps have a large adjustment range (fits a 30 inch chest easy and a 46 inch chest easily as shown in the photo); a chest strap with a large adjustment range spreads the weight even...

Designed by an experienced paddle-boarder, the BPS Premium Universal will fit all different types of inflatable paddle boards under 12’6 in length and 34’ in width.

At 39.37 x 17.72 x 14.17. The bag is big enough to fit all of your SUP gear at once. The shoulder straps are comfortable and easily adjustable and the bag has a variety of handles allowing for four separate ways to carry it.

There are a lot of reviews that agree that this bag has plenty of well-organized space. 


  • Lots of space
  • Mesh on the back for easy drying
  • Easy to carry and maneuver 


  • Almost too big for those with smaller paddle boards 
  • Better for local travel than air travel



SUP Bag for Wave Boards - Compact SUP Travel Cover

Curve SUP Bag for Wave Boards - Boost Compact SUP Travel Cover 8'2, 8'10, 9'6, 10'0, 10'6, 11'0,...
33 Reviews
Curve SUP Bag for Wave Boards - Boost Compact SUP Travel Cover 8'2, 8'10, 9'6, 10'0, 10'6, 11'0,...
  • MASSIVE 20mm boosted nose and tail foam zones!! heavyweight 600D water-resistant polycanvas base & silver tarpee upper
  • 7mm waterproof shock absorbing travel specification foam core
  • compact style SUP cover for wave riding style SUP boards

For those who specialize in smaller wave boards. The Curve Boost bag is a strong option. It keeps your board safe with 7mm waterproof shock absorbing foam and is easy to carry with an adjustable shoulder strap.

This bag is well made and has a very strong value for its price.



  • Easy to carry with adjustable straps
  • Sturdy and protects your board 
  • Good for air travel



  • Not compatible with race, touring style boards or various other board types
  • Depending on your board. There isn’t much room for accessories 



Tower iSUP Backpack - Premium Universal Bag for Inflatable Paddle Boards - Quick Dry l Maximum...
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN – Designed by experienced paddle boarders to fit ALL inflatable paddle boards up to 14’ in length and 36 inches in width – WHEN the inflation pump rolled up ‘inside’ the...
  • MAXIMUM BREATHABILITY – We designed our bag to help dry all your iSUP gear utilizing side panel screen mesh to promote air flow and breathability. Additionally, the outside of the bag has bungee...
  • PADDED SHOULDER STRAPS – Our backpack was designed to provide maximum comfort. We added a middle buckle that straps around your chest to distribute the weight across your entire body. After a long...

The Tower iSUP Backpack is designed to fit all types of inflatable boards up to 14” in length and 36” in width.

It is a large bag designed to fit many board types as well as  other accessories that you might want to include. You can add things like and inflatable pump, towels, clothing, etc.

The bag is designed for maximum breathability, making it easier to dry your paddle board. 

Tower iSUP Backpack - Premium Universal Bag for Inflatable Paddle Boards


  • Very versatile for a variety of different boards
  • Big and can fit all of your gear
  • Very breathable 



  • Not the easiest bag to carry or transport 
  • Not the best bag to take on a flight



FCS Dayrunner Stand Up Paddleboard Day Bag - Alloy/Alloy - 11'6"
  • FCS SUP Day Bag Dayrunner: 11'6" (max. width 38.2"), Has Fin slot
  • Holds One Stand Up and Paddle board, with or with out the fins and accessories.
  • High-density 5mm closed cell foam padding, Durable, ​easy-glide zippers

The FCS Dayrunner is a relatively simple bag designed for large boards. It will hold a board up to 11’6” in length and 38.2” in width.

People that have used this bag agree it has durability. It is lighter and easier to maneuver than many travel bags and is insulated with 5mm of padding to protect your board gets bumps and knocks.

FCS Dayrunner Stand Up Paddle board Day Bag


  • Light and easy to use
  • Works well for large boards
  • Great for transporting shorter distances on a car roof, bus, or bicycle. 



  • Less functional for long distances
  • Offers less padding for airplane travel
  • Has less extra pockets and space for extraneous gear



Peak Inflatable Paddle Board Back Pack

Peak Inflatable Paddle Board Back Pack (Aqua)
  • [FITS EVERYTHING] Fits any bag up to 12’6, including pump, adjustable travel paddle, and accessories.
  • [DIMENSIONS] 36" x 14" x 12"
  • [BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED] Aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Choose between 4 vibrant colors.

The Peak Inflatable Paddle board Backpack feels much more like a ‘duffel bag’ in look and style. This Backpack is large at 36’ x 14’ x 12’.

There is room for a large board plus plenty of extra space and pockets for your pump, paddle gear, and any other accessories you want to include.

It also comes in four different vibrant colors. The bag is easy to carry and particularly great for bringing a SUP on an airplane.

Peak Inflatable Paddle Board Back Pack


  • Large and fits plenty of accessories 
  • Easy to carry and comfortable
  • Great for air travel



  • Some critics have complained about the sturdiness
  • Does not easily go on car roofs



Stand on Liquid Day Travel 12'0" Stand Up Paddle Board (Surfing) Board Bag - Grey - All Around
  • KEEP YOUR BOARD COOL: Grey tarpaulin reflective top and bottom material that reflects direct UV rays and heat off your board.
  • AMPLE PROTECTION: 5mm closed cell foam paddling
  • FULL ZIP BAG: Durable, easy-glide #10 non-corrosive zippers make it simple to open the bag.

The Stand on Liquid Travel Bag is a simple straightforward SUP bag. With a size of 12” x 32” x 6”, it fits large boards.

The boards grey tarpaulin reflective top protects your board from heat and 5mm of padding protects from bumps and scrapes. 

Stand on Liquid Utility Travel Stand Up Paddle Board (Surfing) Board Bag


  • Durable and keeps your board safe
  • Great for transporting in cars



  • Heavy and difficult to carry
  • Does not have much excess space for accessories



Ten Toes SUP Emporium Ten Toes Nomad Istand Up Paddle Board Roller Bag with Wheels

Ten Toes SUP Emporium Ten Toes Nomad Istand Up Paddle Board Roller Bag with Wheels, Black and White
  • Heavy-duty nylon bag with Super tough wheels for effortless transporting and storing your inflatable standup Paddle board
  • Rolled up inflatable standup Paddle boards fit in the larger zipped compartment while accessories will fit in the front pocket
  • Fits all of Ten toes' inflatable standup Paddle boards

The Ten Toes SUP bag is sturdy and easy to transport. At 12” x 12” x 3” it fits medium-sized to large boards and has plenty of pockets for accessories.

In addition, the bag is equipped with roller wheels making it much easier to transport through airports and other high traffic areas.



  • The wheels are a big plus in transport
  • Sturdy and performs well in travel
  • Lots of pockets for small accessories 



  • A little difficult to carry
  • Difficult to fit larger boards
  • Can be a tight fit for the board leaving little space for accessories



BIC Sport HD Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Board Bag

BIC Sport HD SUP Board Bag, Grey/Silver/Blue, 10-Feet Round
  • Durable, High quality, dependable, protection for your SUP board available for Touring and Round nose shapes
  • Reflective deck + hull material to reduce heat exposure when exposed to sunlight
  • Durable 600D material in nose, tail, and rails for extra protection + 5mm foam padding

The BIC Sport is great for travel and is easy to transport. The bag is also very durable protecting your board with 5mm of foam padding.

It has a temperature-protecting reflective hull and special 600D protection material in the nose, tail and rails for extra protection. There are also multiple carrying handles, a paddle holder plus extended zipper for easier board loading and unloading.



  • Very durable with lots of board protection
  • Easy to transport and travels well



  • Although it fits with other boards. It definitely works best for BIC Sport boards
  • Does not travel well on roof racks

Final Thoughts On Stand Up Paddle Board Storage And Travel Bags: 

In the end, we would choose the BPS Premium Universal Inflatable SUP Bag.  It is the best all-round next to all the other stand up paddle board storage and travel bags.

It has plenty of space for accessories, protects your board, is easy to carry, and performs well during travel. It checks all of the boxes and it doesn’t hurt that the price is quite low compared to other comparable bags.

You need a bag to safely and easily transport your board without damaging it. Now it’s up to you to choose the one that is best for you.

Was there one we missed? Let us know which stand up paddle board storage and travel bags you have used or currently using, that has worked well for you.


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