8 Best Places to Go Stand Up Paddle Boarding In Oregon


In this post we will discuss the best places to go stand up paddle boarding in Oregon. There is no way you’d speak of the best paddle boarding destinations in the U.S without mentioning Washington Oregon.

Just recently, Outside Magazine voted Oregon as the best stand up paddle boarding getaway in America, and that says volumes about the city and its love for water sports.

Bend, which is located around central Oregon has an abundance of prime paddle boarding destinations. These range from the amazing Deschutes River, to the Pristine lakes and surf-able whitewater parks.

The glorious landscapes amplifies the paddle boarding experiences, having the Ponderosa pines and the ever magnificent volcanic mountains of the Cascade Range.

That being said, if you’re ever in Oregon and you’re a fan or participant of the sport, these are the top 8 paddle boarding destinations you should visit in Oregon.

Here Are The Top 8 Stand Up Paddle Board Destinations You Need to Visit In Oregon


  • Elk Lake

  • Deschutes River

  • East Lake at Newberry National Volcanic Monument

  • Devil’s Lake

  • Suttle Lake

  • Emigrant Lake

  • Applegate Lakes

  • Howard Prairie Lake


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1. Elk Lake Oregon


It will only take you a short drive (about 30 minutes) up the Cascade lakes scenic byway to get to Bend’s summer playground of Elk Lake.

The lake is a tourist favorite, all thanks to its wonderful beaches, epic views and the user friendly amenities at Elk Lake Resort.

The lake offers an incredible view of Mount Bachelor and South Sister. These views are great sights to behold, most especially in the early hours of the day (sun up), and towards the end of the evening (sun down).

This is an excellent spot to meet the most fun loving locals and adventure-hungry visitors. We recommend!

Why Visit The Elk Lake in Oregon?

  • During the summer period, Elk Lake offers its visitors free live music every Saturday night. Cool right?
  • The Elk Lake features a large coastline with little inlets and coves for you to explore.
  • Visitors can camp by the lakeside. It’s on a first come first served basis.

2. The Deschutes River Oregon


Flowing gently north-bound through central Oregon, towards the Columbia River, is the Deschutes River. This river offers many opportunities for scenic paddle boarding.

You might want to start off at Drake Park, in the heart of downtown bend. There you have slow moving currents upstream, going past several river front houses and parks.

Another popular stretch of the Deschutes extends from Riverbend park, downstream along the Old Mill District and the outdoor Les Schwab Amphitheatre.

Why Visit The Deschutes River in Orgeon?

  • The Deschutes River offers you many take off spots. These spots have calm currents and the views are gorgeous.
  • You can paddle along the Old Mill District and the outdoor Les Schwab Amphitheatre If you’d like to catch some live music.
  • As you paddle upstream, you will experience Oregon’s high desert landscape.

3. East Lake At NewBerry National Volcanic Monument Oregon

Best Place To go SUP standup paddle boarding in Newberry National Volcanic Monument Oregon

You can find East lake at Newberry National Volcanic Monument. It’s only 30 minutes south of Bend.

All you need to get into the monument? Well you’ll have to pay a $10 access fee. The Newberry volcano is the largest volcano in the Cascade Range.

Here, you will find waterfalls, lava caves, hiking trails and two major lakes. The East Lake and Paulina Lake.

If you’re a fan of the woods, then East Lake is for you, as it is surrounded by forests. You will also enjoy the sandy beaches.

Why Visit East Lake in Oregon?

  • It is popular for stand up paddle fishing.
  • It offers easy access to take off points.
  • It has lovely campgrounds.

4. Devil’s Lake Oregon

Best Place To go SUP standup paddle boarding in Devils Lake Oregon

Devil’s Lake is pretty small, but you will enjoy it just as much as any other paddle boarding destination.

It features crystal clear turquoise water, set off by the white pumice bottom. Paddling across the lake, you will witness plentiful rainbow and brook trout in the waters. You can also spot some eagles flying overhead.

During the summer, the water remains cool, so you’ll remain calm and fresh as you enjoy the scenery.

Why Visit Devil’s Lake in Oregon?

  • You will enjoy the crystal clear turquoise water.
  • It is a very photogenic destination. It’ll be a shame if you don’t take any pictures while you’re there.

5. Suttle Lake Oregon

Best Place To go SUP standup paddle boarding in Suttle Lake Oregon

This is a very popular recreational spot located at the Deschutes National Forest. It’s just 30 miles north of Bend Highway 20.

At over 250 acres of space, there’s an abundance of lake for you to explore.

Why Visit Suttle Lake in Oregon?

  • Suttle Lake is excellent for hiking and mountain biking
  • It has 3 campgrounds right on the lake
  • You can relax with friends and family on its sandy beaches

6. Emigrant Lake Oregon

Best Place To go SUP standup paddle boarding in Emigrant Lake Oregon

Emigrant Lake is located in Southern Oregon, just minutes away from downtown Ashland, and is a popular spot for lovers of the sport of stand up paddle boarding.

The waters are great for beginners as they flow calmly. You need to be careful though, as these waters can get choppy during the afternoon.

Having 1,467 expansive acres, which includes 12 miles of lake frontage, Emigrant lake offers you lots of recreational activities. Activities include tent camping, fishing, picnicking and hiking. It’s a great getaway for you and your family.

Why Visit Emigrant Lake in Oregon?

  • It’s excellent for family getaways.
  • The waters are calm so first time paddle boarders can have some fun too.
  • It’s great for small family functions.

7. Applegate Lakes Oregon

Best Place To go SUP standup paddle boarding in Applegate Lake Oregon

This very beautiful lake can be found high up in the picturesque mountains above Jacksonville. It is popular for its many bird, wildlife and extraordinary fisheries.

The lake offers its visitors several activities which include picnicking, swimming and tent camping. It also has a convenient general store.

The Applegate recreation area boasts of 4 well maintained camp parks, 2 swimming areas and dry RV parking.

You will surely love its clear fresh waters and your family will too.

Why Visit Applegate Lakes in Oregon?

  • The Picturesque Mountains around the lake gives you a breathtaking view. Great for those memorable pictures
  • Its camp parks are well maintained

8. Howard Prairie Lake Oregon

Best Place To go SUP standup paddle boarding in Howard Prairie Lake Oregon

This is 1.63 miles of lake frontage which offers you mind-blowing views of Mount. Mcloughlin.

An abundance of trout and bass can be found in these lakes and the waters are calm. There are also tent sites, RV sites, a rentable 2-bedroom cabin, store, restaurant and a full service boat marina.

Be it for the weekend, or a full summer vacation trip, the Howard Prairie Lake is a must visit.

Why Visit The Howard Prairie Lake in Oregon?

  • You’ll have a great view of Mount Mcloughlin.
  • Great for fishing bass and trout.


The fact Oregon was voted by Outside Magazine as the best paddle boarding destination in America says it all. If you love paddle boarding then you need to pay Oregon a visit!

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