8 Best Places to Go Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Utah

8 Best Places to Go Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Utah

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In this article we will go through the best places to go stand up paddle boarding in Utah. How do I put this?

Well, Utah is home to the Bryce Canyon National Park, Canyonlands National Park, The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. Need I say more? It is simply beautiful and filled with great sights to see!

Being home to an abundance of some of nature’s best sightings, Utah offers excellent year-round recreational activities. These of course include water activities.

Paddle boarding enthusiasts, let’s take a look at the 8 best sights for paddle boarding destinations in Utah.

Here Are The Best Places to Go Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Utah

  • Great Salt Lake

  • Bear Lake

  • Deer Creek Reservoir

  • Tony Grove Lake

  • Jordan’s Lake Reservoir

  • Mirror Lake

  • Navajo Lake

  • Panguitch Lake

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1. Great Salt Lake Utah

Paddle Boarding in Great Salt Lake Utah

This very beautiful lake is the largest salt water lake you will find in the western hemisphere, and the 8th largest terminal lake in the world.

It covers a staggering 1,700 square miles and it inhabits millions of native birds. There you can also find an abundance of brine shrimp, shore birds and water fowl.

Paddle boarding in this lake will be fun, as will it be challenging. You and your friends will have a blast!

Why Visit Great Salt Lake Utah?

  • It is the largest salt water lake in the western hemisphere.
  • Abundance of native birds and fish.

    2. Bear Lake Utah

    Standup Paddle Boarding in Bear Lake Utah

This natural fresh water lake runs across Utah and Idaho. It is split evenly between both states and is 109 square miles in size.

This lake is over 250,000 years old and it is the second largest natural fresh water lake in Utah. It has a lovely blue turquoise color, and I’m sure you’d love it!

Why Visit Bear Lake Utah?

  • You’d enjoy paddling across such a lovely blue turquoise color.
  • You can’t beat the beautiful sceneries.

    3. Deer Creek Reservoir Utah

    Standup Paddle Boarding in Deer Creek Reservoir Utah

Construction of this reservoir kicked off in May 1938, and was finally completed in 1941. The immediate surroundings of this lake depend on its water for agricultural, municipal and industrial uses.

It is the main attraction of the Deer Creek State Park and is home to several fish species, including largemouth trout and smallmouth trout, rainbow trout and common carp.

Why Visit Deer Creek Reservoir Utah?

  • It’s a great place to go fishing.

4. Tony Grove Lake Utah

Standup Paddle Boarding in Tony Grove Lake Utah

The Tony Grove Lake is located in Cache County, Utah. It has its campground located on the southeast shore of the lake. Both the lake and campground are located on the Logan Canyon Scenic Byway.

During the summer, the lake is filled with beautiful wild flowers and it’s a great sight to see.

Why Visit Tony Grove Lake Utah

  • It’s a really cool and beautiful destination.
  • Great for taking pictures.

5. Jordan’s Lake Reservoir Utah

Standup Paddle Boarding in Jordan Lake Reservoir Utah

The Jordan Lake is located in the naturalist basin, at the Eastern front of Mount Agassiz, within the high Uintas wilderness in the Uinta Wasatch-Cache National Forest.

This lake was named after Davis Starr Jordan, who was a renowned biologist.

This lake has a 10,627 feet elevation, it’s a tasking water surface to go paddle boarding, but what fun would it be if it were easy? Especially for a pro.

Why Visit Jordan’s Hike Reservoir Utah?

  • The scenery is simply beautiful.

6. Mirror Lake Utah

Standup Paddle Boarding in Mirror Lake Utah

You can’t talk about beautiful Utah lakes without mentioning the Mirror Lake. It is absolutely jaw-dropping!

It is located in the high Uinta mountains in Utah and it’s a popular fishing and recreation destination for locals and visitors. 3 species of trout can be found in the lake – Rainbow trout, Brook trout, and Tiger trout.

The Mirror Lake has a forest service campground as well as picnic facilities and a boat ramp, for non motorized water sports of course.

You can access the lake via Mirror Lake Highway, which is only open in the summer.

An interesting fact here is that the lake got its name from its amazing reflecting ability. It gives off an almost perfect reflection of its surroundings and that is really, really cool.

It has a nice campground, consisting of latrines, day use areas and 94 camp sites.

Why Visit Mirror Lake Utah?

  • Just telling you about the water’s reflective abilities isn’t enough, you have to see how amazing it is for yourself.
  • It has 94 camp sites so there’s some convenience provided for you, your friends and family.

7. Navajo Lake Utah

Standup Paddle Boarding in Navajo Lake Utah

The Navajo Lake is a small reservoir located in north western Kane County, Southern Utah.

The lake is pretty shallow, having depths of only 25 feet. This is great for those who are rookies in paddle boarding.

This area attracts a lot of visitors as it is famous for all its fishing and water sports activities, which include canoeing and kayaking. Common fish species you will find here include brook trout and splake trout.

This isn’t a bad place to come paddle boarding with your friends, the scenery and the waters will make it worth the trip.

There are well equipped lodging facilities available incase you want to stay the night.

Why Visit Navajo Lake Utah?

  • If you’re a beginner, then you can come here to develop your paddle boarding skills since the waters are shallow and calm.
  • It’s a great spot for fishing.

8. Panguitch Lake Utah

Standup Paddle Boarding In Pantguich lake, Utah

The lake wasn’t always in its current state. Originally, it was a large natural lake which was later expanded by the creation of a 24 foot dam, converting it into a reservoir.

The Panguitch Lake drains into the Sevier River and is located on the Markagunt Plateau, between Panguitch and Cedar Breaks National Monument.

The Panguitch Lake is Dixie National Forest’s main attraction, thousands of people visit this site every year. It’s a popular tourist destination in Utah, and America as a whole.

This lake has many campgrounds, it also has convenience stores and it features well paved and maintained roads for you to travel on.

The Panguitch Lake witnesses a lot of fishing activities since the waters are filled with several species of fish.

This won’t be a bad place to come and paddle board. It’s beautiful and it has facilities in place to help make your stay as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible.

Why Visit Panguitch Lake Utah?

  • It is a popular tourist attraction so you’re bound to have loads of fun.
  • It features several fishing and boating activities, never a dull moment here.

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