5 Best Places to Take Paddle Board Lessons in Nova Scotia Canada

 5 Best Places to Take Paddle Board Lessons in Nova Scotia Canada 

In this post we will cover the 5 best places to take paddle board lessons in Nova Scotia Canada.

Nova Scotia is one of Canada’s four original provinces. It has over 8,000 miles of coastline as well as many islands and coves. If that sounds a bit too much, Nova Scotia, Canada also has loads of inland lakes and rivers.

With access to so much open water, Nova Scotia, Canada is an ideal location to get started with paddle boarding. Paddle boarding is one of the fastest-growing water-sports, whereby you cross a body of water while paddling on a board. It provides an amazing workout for the mind and body.

 Best Locations to Paddle Board in Nova Scotia Canada 

We’ve established Nova Scotia, Canada as a beautiful location packed with open water spaces. But, where exactly do we go in this vast province? Here are our top 3 locations to paddle board in Nova Scotia, Canada.


Halifax is home to 20 rivers, 23 major coastal areas, and over 1,000 lakes. Paddle along the waterfront for an amazing view of the city. If you’re new to paddle boarding we advise you to stay clear of Halifax harbor as it is typically busy with motorboats, ferries, and container ships!


Dartmouth, also known as the “city of lakes”, has a total of 23 lakes within its boundaries. Paddle anywhere from Dartmouth to the Bay of Fundy as it has 44 miles of accessible waters. Also known as the Shubenacadie Canal, it is a relatively calm body of water from Lake Banook to Lake Fletcher. After this point it can get pretty windy and wavy so is best left to the more experienced paddle boarders.

100 Wild Islands

Just as the name suggests, 100 wild islands is an archipelago of hundreds of islands and islets. You’ll be lost in pure hibernation and wilderness along these coastal habitats and breathtaking forests.

 Importance of Taking Paddle Boarding Lessons In Nova Scotia Canada If You Are a Beginner 

Paddle boarding is a relatively simple sport. All you need is a board, a paddle, and a body of water. While paddle boarding is relatively simple, it’s not necessarily easy if you’re not too confident out on the water.

When there’s water around it’s always going to be a hazardous area, no matter how experienced you are. That’s why we always recommend paddle boarding lessons in Nova Scotia Canada for beginners.

Those lessons will teach you the foundational knowledge required for staying safe and having fun while you’re out on the water.

 5 Places to Take Paddle Board Lessons in Nova Scotia Canada 

1.  Scotian SUP

Paddle board lessons in nova scotia canada
Courtesy of Scotian SUP

Scotian SUP was founded in 2015 with a mission to make paddle boarding accessible to all. All Scotian SUP instructors are Paddle Canada certified and have a deep passion for paddle boarding. Scotian SUP offers paddle boarding courses for complete beginners to more advanced paddle boarders. These courses include; intro to SUP, advanced flatwater, coastal touring 1 + 2, and instructor training. You can opt for their scheduled or private classes.

Scoring 5 stars from 15 Facebook reviews, previous students have said their instructor “was super knowledgeable, fun and super patient” and “had so much fun learning to paddle board properly”.

2. Cape Lahave Adventures

Cape Lahave Adventures provides small group paddling tours and lessons along Nova Scotia’s stunning South Shore. Guides aim to combine fun and knowledge to create a true rural adventure.

Cape Lahave Adventures is well known for its island hopping tours where you have the chance to see seals, eagles, and other wildlife.

Scoring 5 stars from 2 Yelp reviews, those who have been on the tour have said it was “really beautiful with lots of cute seals bobbing up from the water” and the instructor “was very knowledgeable about both paddling and the area”.

3. Hubbards Cove Rentals

Paddle Board Lessons in Nova Scotia
Courtesy Hubbard Cove Rentals

Hubbards Cove Rentals are a family-owned company who have lived and breathed the Canadian waters. Hubbards Cove Rentals offer paddle board rent or lessons. Their services include paddle board and kayak lessons from experienced instructors as well as personal and group SUP yoga lessons.

Scoring 5 stars from 21 Facebook reviews, customers have mentioned their lesson were “wonderful to experience” and the “owner made sure to explain the safety tips and tricks for an enjoyable time in the water”.

4. Pleasant Paddling

Pleasant Paddling is located on the islands around Blue Rocks. The islands around Blue Rocks are on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. This might sound scary but this is a perfect padding location for beginners.

Scoring 5 stars from 165 trip advisor reviews, customers have said it was an “absolutely amazing team, that made them feel safe and happy” and their “experience with this company was excellent from beginning to end”.

5. East Coast Outfitters

paddle board lessons in nova scotia canada

East Coast Outfitters is a community-based outdoor resource center delivering paddling lessons, tours, and rentals. East Coast Outfitters was founded in the community of Lower Prospect, a small fishing village with a population of 200. It’s a small and friendly environment, perfect for first-time paddlers.

Scoring 4.5 stars from 6 Yelp reviews, past customers have said it’s a “great location, lots to see, fun staff and professional at the same time” and “amazing doesn’t begin to describe it”.

 Summary of Taking Paddle Board Lessons in Nova Scotia Canada 

Nova Scotia, Canada is known for its breathtaking waters from the inner city of Halifax and beyond. What can we say, there are not many better places to learn to paddle board than Nova Scotia, Canada.

Paddle boarding is a very rewarding sport to get into. It’s great for the mind, body, and soul. If you’re new to paddle boarding, we suggest taking lessons to improve your ability and confidence on the water.

Not only will this make your experience more enjoyable, but you’ll also know what to do in unsafe situations. Get yourself booked in for a lesson if you’re a Nova Scotia local or just a passing tourist. We promise you won’t regret it!

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