Top 10 Must Have SUP Accessories: Don’t Go Standup Paddle Boarding Without These Items!

 Top 10 Must Have SUP Accessories: Don’t Go Standup Paddle Boarding Without These Items! 

Must Have SUP Accessories

Don’t go out paddle boarding without these must have SUP accessories. Are you thinking of standup paddle boarding anytime soon?  Before you begin your adventure, you need to have two main essential items: the paddle board and the paddle.

This might be easy to get if you are renting or you have a few paddle boards of your own. However, the extra accessories and gear you might need to take along with you may make your SUP experience even better.

These additional accessories will help you maximize your own experience with paddle boarding right away. Here are some examples of the most vital SUP accessories that you can have for paddle boarding. Hopefully, this extra SUP gear can make your life easier when it comes to maintenance and performance on the water.

 Here is a List of Our Top Must Have SUP Accessories 

[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] INFLATABLE PADDLE BOARD CARRYING BAG

THURSO SURF Inflatable Paddle Board Carrying Bag SUP Roller Backpack

With an inflatable paddle board carrying bag at your disposal, you will be able to bring your inflatable paddle board and other accessories with you to your desired destination.

A paddle board carrying bag also provides a great place to store and protect your board and accessories anytime during the transport process.

It also protects it from external forces that might end up damaging it like  when you check your baggage at the airport or when grabbing it out of your car.

THURSO SURF Inflatable Paddle Board Bag with Wheels SUP Roller Backpack Replacement Fits Any iSUP Up...
  • - All Fit in One Bag: Sizing 39’’ x 16’’ x 14’’, with 2 front large storage pouch and 2 mesh pockets on both sides, the Thurso Surf SUP carry bag fits most inflatable paddle boards along...
  • - Premium Protection: Safeguard your paddleboard investment with our high-quality padded bag, designed to provide exceptional protection during transport and storage. Thurso Surf uses grey instead of...
  • - Convenient Carry: Say goodbye to heavy lifting! Our SUP paddleboard bag with wheels makes transporting your iSUP paddle boards effortless


[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] SUP PADDLE BOARD CARRYING STRAP

SUP-Now Paddle Board Carrier-Storage Sling

Having a SUP Carry/Storage Strap will allow you to easily carry your paddle board, paddle, and accessories and still have a free hand. This SUP Paddle board Carrier Strap shoulder pad is triple padded and made from soft and durable neoprene for maximum comfort on your shoulder.

SUP-Now Paddle Board Carrier-Storage Sling

It is more adjustable than other straps which makes it better to use for people of all heights. With high-quality velcro, carrying your paddle can be easy, and can even act as a handle. A removable drawstring bag attachment makes it easy to carry your water bottle, sunscreen or other items such as a mobile phone.

SUP-NOW Paddle Board Accessories Carrier SUP Carrying Strap to Carry Paddleboard Accessories for...
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH FOR COMFORTABLE TRANSPORT: The SUP-Now Paddleboard Strap is designed with an adjustable feature to fit paddlers of all sizes and board lengths, ensuring a comfortable and customized...
  • UNIVERSAL FIT FOR EASE OF USE: The SUP-Now Paddleboard Strap is designed with versatility in mind, featuring adjustable loops to secure any size paddleboard. This universal fit ensures that your water...
  • PRACTICAL STORAGE AND CARRYING SOLUTION: The SUP-Now Paddleboard Strap includes a built-in pocket for storing your personal items and accessories while on the move. This practical feature allows you...


[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] PADDLE BOARD LED LIGHT KIT

Brite Strike Kayak, Paddleboard Waterproof Lighting Kit

The waterproof paddle board lighting kit would be an excellent tool to have if you want some night time paddle boarding on your own.  Using the lights as you paddle board is a great way to relax and see what underwater creatures are lurking around beneath you.  

Having a lighting kit for your SUP board is also a safety tool for boaters to see you at night if you like to SUP in the evenings when there is low sun light.

Brite Strike – Kayak, Paddleboard Night LED Boating Lights - Waterproof Lighting Kit with 4 Lights...
85 Reviews
Brite Strike – Kayak, Paddleboard Night LED Boating Lights - Waterproof Lighting Kit with 4 Lights...
  • APALS PADDLE SAFETY LIGHTS: Made of high-quality synthetic materials Fully dustproof, shockproof, waterproof, and marine-grade, tested to depths of 200 feet.
  • EASILY SEEN: With a two-mile horizontal visibility range, they are designed for use in the most difficult conditions. moreover, able to keep you safe.
  • MULTIPLE MODES: Stable On, Fast Strobe, Slow Strobe, off with a single button press. And has a running time of 200+ hours, so you may expect to paddle at night for an entire season.


[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] ADJUSTABLE STAND UP WHEEL CART

COR Surf Adjustable Stand Up Paddle board Cart

Tired of carrying your SUP board on those long bumpy walks from your car to the beach and back? The walks can be painful and have your arms exhausted!  Why not make life easy and use a COR Surf SUP dolly.

This adjustable stand up wheel cart was designed with you in mind. It’s lightweight and portable. It will also help you get your board to the beach with ease. The plastic tires on the wheel cart require no air so you never have to worry about it going flat!

COR Surf Adjustable Stand Up Paddleboard Cart

There are also foam bumpers on the cart to protect your SUP during your transport to the beach or car.

Rolling your paddle board to the beach or car will be easy with this device!

COR Surf Adjustable Stand Up Paddleboard Cart | Easily Adjusts for Any Sized SUP | Lightweight...
  • NEW From COR Surf! We've developed a paddleboard carrier that will work with ANY Sized SUP!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and COMPACT, this Stand Up Paddle Board Cart if perfect for getting your board to the beach with ease.
  • The Plastic Tires don't require air so will never go flat! Rolling your paddle board will be easy.


[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICE (PFD ) or LIFE VEST

Onyx MoveVent Dynamic Paddle Sports Life Vest

This is definitely the ultimate security measure to keep you safe in the water during your paddle boarding adventures.  Having a life vest or PFD is a must when you SUP on rough waters like beach or even on calm waters like a lake or inside a harbor.

We always recommend that you use flotation devices with pockets so that you will have a bit of storage to carry a few important items.

Onyx MoveVent Dynamic Paddle Sports Life Vest, Aqua, M/L
  • Soft, lightweight flotation foam
  • Mesh in lower back fits high back seats
  • Attached whistle for safety


[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] COILED SUP LEASH

Unigear Premium SUP Leash 10' Coiled Stand Up Paddle Board Surfboard Leash

Using a coiled SUP leash with a PFD will keep you afloat and attached to your board at all times.  There are two basic kinds of cords for the leash: the coiled and the straight one.

Coiled leashes are the most popular among paddle riders and are safe to use while paddling.

Unigear Premium SUP Leash 10' Coiled Stand Up Paddle Board Surfboard Leash Stay on Board with...
  • MORE STRONG and SAFE: This leash is made of Super Strong 7mm urethane cord, Strong enough to handle the longest and heaviest boards, but since it is designed for flatwater paddling it is lightweight...
  • MORE COMFORTABLE AND EASY to USE: Made of TPU elastic polyurethane with soft sponge, you will forget you are wearing it. The super comfortable double over Ankle Cuff has an easy pull tab with a hidden...
  • MORE DURABLE: Connection hardware made of durable stainless steel, which can be able to resist the sea water corrosion for a very long time; you don't need to change the surf leash frequently


[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] SUP ANCHOR KIT

Gradient Fitness Marine Anchor, 3.5 lb Folding Anchor

Having a SUP Anchor Kit will help keep your SUP board in one place while you rest from paddling.

It will prevent your board from drifting into uncharted territory in the middle of the ocean or any body of water you are in with your SUP board.

Gradient Fitness Kayak Anchor | Paddle Board Anchor, Small Boat and Canoe Anchors, Jet Ski Anchor,...
  • 𝐅𝐎𝐋𝐃𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐀𝐍𝐂𝐇𝐎𝐑: Our 3.5 lb 4-fluke folding boat anchor kit is compact and convenient. Included is a padded draw string storage bag that is perfect for the...
  • 𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐕𝐄𝐍𝐈𝐄𝐍𝐂𝐄: The fluke anchor folds into a 12” x 3” size and slips into a fully padded storage bag that will prevent scratches to your paddle or surfboard, kayak,...
  • 𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐄 𝐆𝐑𝐀𝐃𝐄: The small boat anchor is rust resistant with 25 feet of green/black marine grade rope (7mm thick). It also includes a PVC flotation buoy and stainless...


[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] SUP RAIL GUARD TAPE PROTECTION

This particular accessory will help protect your paddle board from scratches and bumps while colliding with other foreign objects in the water or Marina.

It will keep your paddle strikes from incurring any damage to the board itself.  It is essential that you use a rail tape to cover up any dents and minimal damage that the board may incur over time.  This tool will be useful to have if you’re planning to sell your paddle board in the future.

NorthShore SUP Rail Guards/Rail Tape (3" Width for Race and Touring Boards)
  • Constructed from translucent material measuring 3" x 69"
  • Abrasion resistant textured finish
  • Protects your SUP from chips and scratches


[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] ROOF RACK PADS FOR CAR TRANSPORT

DORSAL Sunguard Aero Roof Rack Pads

This particular accessory will help transport your board easily on a car or SUV.  Good roof rack pads will protect your board and vehicle from damage on route to the water. 

DORSAL Sunguard Aero Roof Rack Pads

If you plan to use your car to transport your paddle boards, it would be best to use quality roof rack pads for safer transport and protection of both your automobile and SUP board.

DORSAL Aero Roof Rack Pads with 15 ft Surf Straps for Car Surfboard Kayak SUP Long Black Polyester...
  • Now in TWO Styles! Our Original Polyester and our New PVC Sunguard Material Fit most custom wide and narrow factory size crossbars and are compatible with Thule and Yakima Aero style cross bars. Long...
  • Heavy Duty 15 foot SCRATCH-RESISTANT Anadized CAM Buckle Tie-down Strap. The extra material will prevent your car from getting dings and scratches when dropped.
  • Surfboards SUPs and boats are well protected during transport with these high density foam core pads. Integrated no-slip top construction pads keeps loads in place.


[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] WATERPROOF AUDIO SPEAKERS

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

If you love listening to music and wouldn’t want to part with it while Paddle boarding, here is a waterproof speaker that you can mount or place on the deck of your board with a carrying mesh net.   You would never have to listen to the sound of silence ever again.

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Bold Sound + Deep Bass, Bluetooth, Magic Button,...
  • ULTIMATE SOUND: Super portable wireless Bluetooth speaker with 360° bold, immersive, crystal clear sound and up to 15 hours of battery on a single charge. It brings your music to life wherever you...
  • POWERED FOR ADVENTURE: Rechargeable battery stays powered and pumping tunes for 15 hours on a single charge. Add the POWER UP charging dock (sold separately) to charge Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 wirelessly...
  • SUPER PORTABLE, WATERPROOF and VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE: Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 is seriously waterproof and floats. BOOM 3 was born to get wet and is completely waterproof with a IP67 water and...


[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] WATERPROOF MOBILE PHONE CARRYING CASE

Kona Submariner Large Waterproof Phone Pouch

A waterproof mobile phone case is good to consider if you are in the middle of the ocean and may need to make an emergency call.  The specialized transparent film allows use of all phone functions while being protected.

This universal waterproof cell phone case fits all smartphones up to 7″ in length. It’s made of high-quality PVC that is strong! It is also anti-shock and anti-slip resistant. There is enough space to protect other items such as money or keys.

Kona Submariner Waterproof Phone Pouch - Floating Waterproof Phone Protector Ideal for iPhone |...
  • ANDROIDCENTRAL TOP PICK for waterproof phone pouch - Keep your phone dry to 100ft. Double seam for added protection compared to other phone bags. Compatible for all iPhone models iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone...
  • EXRA LARGE, DURABLE, AND EASY TO USE - Waterproof, Dirtproof, Snowproof, Shock Absorbing - protects from dust, mud, grease and other contaminants - Floats - Simply squeeze when closing. Keep your...
  • TOUCH AND TALK THROUGH - Talk on the phone and utilize all touch screens functions while your phone is fully protected. Simply squeeze case while closing to create an air gap between pouch and phone...



All the accessories reviewed are not required to enjoy your SUP outing. However, it can make your paddle boarding experience a lot more enjoyable. Make sure to do your research. Read the reviews and find the must have SUP accessories that will work best for you.

Always remember safety first! Have fun out there!

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    • Paddle board leashes are good for all levels. Mostly because if you fall off your board. It will not be difficult to get back on. You also don’t have to worry about your board drifting away from you in case you are not a strong swimmer.

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