5 Best Stand Up Paddle Board Vacations In The Caribbean!


5 Best Stand Up Paddle Board Vacations In The Caribbean!

In this post we will dicuss the 5 best stand up paddle board vacations in the Caribbean.In this post we will discuss the 5 best stand up paddle board vacations in the Caribbean.

What does the perfect holiday in the Caribbean look like? Does it involve spending all day on the beach, getting tanned and swimming in the see-through greenish-blue Caribbean water? If you are looking to get away and love being in the water then you may want to consider a standup paddle board vacation in the Carribean. Get out of your comfort zone and experience one of the fastest growing and popular water sports adventure seekers are enjoying. Stand up paddle boarding or (SUP).

So which are the best places in the Caribbean where you can do SUP and take some beginner lessons if you are new to the sport? Keep reading this article and you will find the answer.

Top 10 Must Have SUP Accessories
Top 10 Must Have SUP Accessories

1. If You Want a Relaxing SUP Adventure, Try Antigua!

Dickenson Bay is the perfect location when you want to become a master of stand up paddle boarding thanks to its calm waters. You can bring your kids onboard to this beautiful Carribean island and enjoy all that it has to offer. They will absolutely love it!

You can rent your paddle boards in advance by contacting Stand Up Paddle Antigua. The staff there are very professional and they will offer you everything you need to get started paddle boarding on the water.

You can also take some beginner SUP classes with their ACA certified trainer.

Adventure Antigua also offers SUP rentals if you just want to get your paddle board out into the open waters. Their staff are always open to sharing their tips and tricks with you.

So far, Antigua has been voted one of the best stand up paddle board vacations in the Caribbean where the entire family will have a great time.

2. Have Fun Paddle Boarding with Friends in St. Maartin!

Pine Island is located on the French side of St. Martin island is exactly what you need for a stress-free stand-up paddle boarding session. Mother Nature has done a great job here and made this island one of the places you would love to come back. Count on Caribbean Paddling for rentals.

They have taken SUP to a totally different level. Apart from the one-person board, they also have the GIANT board which can be used by 6 to 8 people at the same time. Now how cool is that?


3. Connect with Nature and Go to the Turks and Caicos Islands!

If you are curious to experience the environmental treasures of Turks and Caicos while also having a lot of fun doing a water sport, then stand up paddle boarding is the ideal choice in this beautiful island. Big Blue Unlimited will take you on the SUP adventure of your life.

They will help you discover the amazing reefs and mangrove channels of this amazing island. They are also offering a top-notch fleet of paddle boards and personalized tours for any tourist from beginner to advanced.

4. Perfect Beach and Shallow Waters. This is What Aruba is All About!

Aruba Surf and Paddle Boarding SchoolAruba seems like heaven on Earth. The soft sand and crystal clear water make this island absolutely fabulous. These are also the main ingredients that nominate Aruba as one of the most popular destinations for SUP.

This location has a Paddle boarding School with 20+ years of experience.  This is a great place to learn as a beginner and enjoy the beautiful scenery of this magnificent island. Aruba Surf & Paddle Board School offers SUP lessons for beginners for all ages. The people here are passionate about paddle boarding and this makes their tours simply amazing.

Aruba is by far the premier destination for stand up paddle board vacations in the Caribbean.

5. Discover Anguilla for its Icing-Sugar Beaches and Incredible SUP Experiences!

Can there be something better than paddle boarding on a perfectly-blue water while feeling the warm

Anguilla Watersports

breeze touching your hair? Anguilla offers all these and more. No wonder why Meryl Streep and Liam

Neeson decided to have a house here. But, while Meryl Streep might not seem to be the person who enjoys paddle boarding, you definitely need to try it. You can contact Anguilla Watersports for paddle rentals and lessons. The team there is full of energy and their certified pros will show you how to get the most out of your SUP experience.

You will enjoy your experiences and adventures as Anguilla is one of the best stand up paddle board vacations in the Caribbean.

So, what are you waiting for? Start booking your flight. Grab your tickets and become a stand-up paddle boarding pro in one of these exotic Carribean destinations.

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