10 Reasons Why People Love Doing SUP Yoga On Paddle Boards

10 Reasons Why People Love Doing SUP Yoga On Paddle Boards

Stretching Fitness ProgramStand-Up Paddle (SUP) Boarding and Yoga is another art of performing yoga. It involves the practice of regular yoga, but with a twist of standing up in a paddle board.

Usually, a SUP Yoga is done in a calm body of water such as a lake, an urban waterway, or an ocean; but practitioners mostly do their practice in a pool or on the beach sand to first gain strength and flexibility.

Firstly, they begin by doing a sequence of yoga postures or asana in the paddle board, then proceed to the water once their minds and bodies are predisposed.

Further, the SUP Boarding and Yoga is a combination of freely floating on water and balancing your entire body weight on the paddle board. It is believed to provide practitioners an experience of a serene setting while using the natural landscapes as a backdrop and going with the flow of the waters.

The art of yoga generally has its roots in India, but the paddle boarding originates in Hawaii. After a short time, the same has already spread all over America and was widely recognized by some international communities.

It has received its fame swiftly primarily because of its challenging and innovative transformation to the yoga practice. In fact, after the recognition, the SUP Boarding and Yoga have already been taught at the Wanderlust Festival and Orange Bowl Paddle Championships.

How to get started with standup Paddle Board Yoga for Beginners

What Are The Benefits Of SUP Yoga?


1. It Promotes Mindfulness

The practice of SUP Boarding and Yoga requires you to pay attention to your breath as well as your body movements.

This is needed for you to keep a well-balanced posture while afloat on water. Focusing on your overall breathing and balance is indeed a step closer to developing a deeper level of mindfulness or self-awareness.

2. It Increases Breath Control

The pace of this type of yoga requires you to slow down. Slowing down allows you to focus on your movements and change your poses as smooth as possible.

As you slow down on your movement, it also allows you to focus more on your breathing and increase your control over it.

3. It Exercises Your Body

Although SUP Boarding and Yoga do not require too much physical activity, it is still proven to exercise your body. The poses that you exert generally firm up core areas such as the arms, shoulders, legs, knees, and quadriceps.


4. It Gives You the Feeling of Refreshment

Going through the summer heat instead of laying flat on your yoga mat inside a room creates a lot of difference. It gives you a more sense of being one with the outdoors. You can easily cool down merely by having an unlimited supply of water beneath you.

5. It Gives You a Chance to Experience the Beauty of Nature

Aside from the calming feeling of being afloat on water, having a beautiful landscape as your view is definitely priceless. You even have an accessible fresh air around you. How can you make your yoga experience better? Well, try stand-up paddle boarding and yoga to see!

6. It is So Fun and Challenging

The SUP Boarding and Yoga not only improve your health but also serve as a fun and challenging work to do. It gives you the freedom to move depending on your desired poses. It also challenges you mentally and physically to balance your weight on water while doing yoga poses.

7. It Improves Balance and Flexibility

Changing yoga poses improves and maintains your balance and flexibility. It requires you to stay on the paddle board while floating on the water and to keep your body in a balanced state. Further, the same is done to increase your mobility and flexibility. It requires your different muscles to strengthen with a wide range of poses. Those who frequently practice yoga is known to have excellent balancing and flexibility skills.

8. It Increases Blood Circulation

One of the important parts of yoga is to focus on your breathing. This has been found out to increase your blood circulation. This increase helps to ease the feeling of stress and improves your overall emotional wellness.

9. It Gives Yoga Technique a New Face

It refines the whole game of yoga by introducing a technique that allows you to go outdoors. Similar to any exercise and sport, the SUP also requires you to practice to be a master.

10. It Calms Your Mind

Allowing your body to go with the flow of water produces a calming effect to your mind. The peacefulness of the water combines yoga with a relaxing, stress-reducing feeling. It gives a rejuvenating feeling of being in union with the water.

11. It Empowers You

Any kind of exercise is found to be one way of changing your disposition. You are being empowered to be a better version of you by prioritizing wellness above else. Since the SUP boarding and yoga is not an easy task to complete, it also requires you to work hard and be extra patient.

SUP Yoga for Beginngers

Beginner’s Guide:

Starting with Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) Boarding and Yoga require you simple steps to follow through:

    • The first one is to SLOW DOWN. Move at half the speed you usually do on land once you start paddle boarding on the water. Follow your breathing pattern slowly as you stroke your arms and legs.
    • The second one is to MIND YOUR POSITION. Minding your own poses and positions is the most important thing in SUP board and yoga. You have to be aware on the paddle board’s shape and its handle to avoid falling off.
    • The third one is to GAZE ONLY AT THE HORIZON. The loss of balance comes from changing gaze too quickly.Your body feels the stress and your muscles contract. In this case, having your gaze fixed on the horizon will give you the stability you need.
    • The fourth one is to HYDRATE YOUR BODY BEFORE THE WORKOUT. It is vital to drink plenty of water before you proceed to workout.Since changing poses on the paddle board requires you to move all parts of your body, you will need to have enough water in your body to sweat it out as well.

Hopefully, this motivates you to seek out a SUP Yoga instructor in your city or town and try out this great outdoor exercise that will challenge you for years to come.

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