Best Guide To SUP With Your Pup!

Best Guide To SUP With Your Pup!

Want to learn how to SUP with your pup? For those that love their dogs the most, paddle boarding with a dog is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors together. Sounds fun, right? But, you have to bear in mind that it is not as easy as it looks.

Both you and your dog should undergo the necessary training to ensure that your safety will never be at risk.

First, you should feel comfortable in the middle of the water before you allow your dog to dive in. In this blog post article, we will provide all the things you need to know about Stand-Up Paddle Boarding or SUP with your Pup!

Things You Should Prepare Before Going Paddle Boarding With Your Dog

The best Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) experience will happen if you come prepared. Hence, before proceeding to the waters, here are the key SUP accessories you should have packed in your bag:

    • DRY BAG – The all-weather dry bag that is perfect for keeping all your items safe and dry while paddling around. This will serve as the container for all of your important things like home and car keys, phone, camera, sunscreen, dry clothes, and sunscreen lotion.
    • DOGGY TREATS – Doggy treats are very essential for dogs to follow orders. In this case, giving him treats when good behaviors are displayed while out on the water.
    • LEASH – Bring a leash to make your dog stay in place or prevent them from running off with other dogs or people around. This is highly important as most people who come to a lake,  swimming areas or surfing spots also bring their dogs with them also.
    • LIFE JACKET – Aside from your dog’s fashionable swimwear, the doggy life jacket should also be on top of your checklist. This primarily helps you to keep your dog safe and comfortable around water.These lightweight, reflective life vests are also waterproof and come with built-in flotation layers. You can also bring your own vest if you are not that confident in the waters.
    • WATER BOTTLE – It is vital to drink plenty of water during surfing to hydrate your body. Since changing poses on the paddle board requires you to move all parts of your body, you will need to have enough water in your body to sweat it out as well. Don’t forget to bring a small bowl or flask for your dog to drink out of as well.
    • PADDLE BOARD – Of course, SUP will never be complete without a paddle board. So, bring one that will fit best for you and your dog. Below we will go into which types of SUP boards are good for you and your best friend.


SUP with your pup. Standup Paddle boarding with your dog

Best Type of SUP Boards for Your Dog

Generally, all the paddle boards you see in the market are dog-friendly. However, there are some paddle boards that are more dog-friendly than the rest. Here are some board constructions that will work best for your dog:

    • INFLATABLES – One advantage of inflatable paddle boards is it is very light to carry. You can fold it and place it in the back of your car. Then inflate it once you are at your destination.

      At the same time, it is softer than paddle boards that are constructed with harder material which allow your dog to be comfortable in the water. Lastly, inflatables are typically bigger than the other types of paddle boards allowing your dog more room to move freely and have fun.

    • SOFT TOPS – Soft tops, similar to inflatables, is also made of durable double spring foam to support your dog’s movements. It is also sturdy and rigid to make your dog feel the strength of the boards. This gives him the feeling of safety while paddling in the waters.


Best Places to SUP with Your Pup

SUP can be done anywhere so long as it is a calm body of water. This includes the lake, the urban waterway, or a calm ocean. However, there are places all over the world that are known as the best places to learn how to Standup Paddle Boarding with your dog:

    • HALFMOON BAY, CANADA – Half Moon Bay may be known for big wave surf spot, but in Pillar Point Harbor, there is a place that you can be safe with your SUP session. This protected area is away from the surf and ocean surge. You can paddle fast or slow as you appreciate the scenery and wildlife.
    • KAUAI, HAWAII – With a varied coastline, Kauai is also the best place to start with SUP with your dog. One of the best spots is the Wailua River where everything is protected from waves and the wind. Meaning, you can focus more on your own balance with your dog.
    • SAYULITA, MEXICO – The tropical town of Sayulita is also considered the SUP capital of Mexico. You and your dog are guaranteed to have a good time for their excellent location and scenery!

SUP with Your Pup

Let’s Begin!

Now that you are equipped with the things you need to start off with SUP with your dog, you are now ready to learn! Here is the step-by-step guide on how to SUP with your pup:

    • TEACH YOUR DOG HOW TO SWIM. It is always better that your dog already know how to swim before you get into the water. This makes it easier for you to teach him with the board as he will be familiar with the waters – how it feels and its risks.

      However, if your dog doesn’t know how to swim yet, teach him how to swim and have them wear a life vest.

    • LET HIM GET ON AND OFF THE BOARD. This might test his basic obedience skills. Teach him to get on the board and stay there for 30 seconds to a minute while on the shore.

      This gives him the idea of how being on the board, afloat in water, will feel. You should also give him cues like, “Jump on” and “Jump off” to get use to the commands and when to perform the action.

    • TRY PADDLING BY YOURSELF. While still on the shore, get on the paddle and try practicing it while your dog is present.

      The way he sees you will prepare him on your sailing on waters. If during your practice he shows enthusiasm and gets on the SUP board, give him a treat immediately!

    • HEAD TO YOUR SPOT. After several practices and you think that you are now capable of going afloat with your dog, head to your safe spot. Take your pup with you and slightly push the board in the waters.

      You may first need more practice before fully immersing through the waters. Do the paddling first, and once you see that you and your dog are ready, you can now proceed to different poses!


Make sure to follow any rules if you are going to a crowded lake area with boats or an ocean with a lot of swimmers, etc. Take the necessary steps and preparation ahead before going out to SUP so you can have the best and safe experience with your dog.



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