5 Best Places To Paddle Board in Florida.

5 Best Places To Paddle Board in Florida

With its amusement parks, recreational playgrounds, art museums, and other famous tourist attractions, Florida has been noted as one of the most visited places in the United States. There is even live music, art galleries, fun night outs, coffee, and tea – everything you wish to experience.

But, apart from the wonderful sightseeing experience, Florida is also considered as one of the most ideal places for Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boarding. Why? Because beyond the attractions that draw millions to Florida each year. It is also known for having peaceful natural landscapes where you can paddle around.

It is also surrounded by seas in almost every side offering calm waters, a number of lakes, and smooth bays where you can enjoy SUP Boarding.

Both beginners and paddle addicts will definitely enjoy their overall experience in Florida. That said, put your vests on as we show you the Top 5 Places for Paddle Boarding in Florida!

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Top 5 Places for Paddle Boarding in Florida

1. Miramar Beach

Location: South Walton Country, Florida

A scenic boulevard right along the Gulf is the Miramar Beach. Its calm turquoise water, tranquil sounds, and sugar-white sand provide you with endless activities at any age, with paddle boarding as one.

Since South Walton is beautifully inspired by turquoise water, it also comes as no surprise to hear that the beach has plenty of activities that embrace it. All include charter fishing, parasailing or sunset cruise. Some exercise activities at your hand can also be kayaking, wave running, and stand up paddle boarding.

In fact, this beach is noted as one of the best places in Florida to paddle along as you will have the chance to see dolphins and sea turtles occasionally. Some might even get close to you as they try to interact. Since the place is relatively safe due to its calm water, both beginners and professional boarders can take advantage of this place.

If you come from a very far place to Florida, you do not need to bring all your board paraphernalia with you. Miramar Beach has colorful shops that provide all the SUP board items you need. Some can be rented without spending too much money, some can be delivered promptly to your place, while others can be brought from the stores directly.

2. Naples Beach

Location: Naples City, South West Florida

In Southwest Florida, Gulf Mexico lies the beautiful paradise of Naples Beach. This place is well-known for world-class culture and high-end shopping. But most people come to the Naples Area, not for fancy things but for their beaches!

Most families enjoyed paddling through the calm ocean, smooth waterways, and mysterious mangroves of the Naples Area. They also have stores that are specially established for paddle boarding rentals and sales.

However, if you haven’t tried paddle boarding yet, they also have SUP boarding lessons for beginners and those who want to learn. What makes Naples the idyllic place for paddle boarding is their calm waters that attract dolphins.

At the same time, you will get the chance to capture memories with ospreys, bald eagles, sea turtles as you paddle around. Indeed, best SUP boarding experience will be made in the beautiful beaches of Naples.

3. Destin Harbor

Location: Destin Harbor, Florida

The Destin Harbor is a coastal community that stretches a quarter mile long to have increased access to the waterfront. Plenty of activities can be done with this unique scenic landscape. Some may do

kayaking, swimming, parasailing, and even paddle boarding. The calm Gulf waters, where many sea turtles abound, is a safe place to do SUP boarding and try many different poses. Paddle boarding activities are great if you are going solo, with kids or your pets.

If you want to try afloat on freshwater bayous, you will also get the chance to see alligators that are definitely safe to be with when supervised by a tourist guide professional. It’s definitely a thrilling and exciting place to be during the busy season!

As an additional thrill, world-class fishing, pirate ship excursions, dolphin cruises, live music, and weekly fireworks can also be observed while you are on your paddles. So, if you are keen on trying paddle boarding in this beautiful area of the Florida coast. Start to familiarize yourself with the majestic Destin Harbor for your next Florida vacation.

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4. New Smyrna Beach

Location: New Smyrna City, Florida

New Smyrna Beach has loads of little shops, cafes, and a thriving arts community. This lies at the South of Daytona, Florida offering different environments to allow tourists to enjoy different activities as well. Many hotels and resort areas have a welcoming and accommodating staff that will make your stay very exciting. What’s New Smyrna Beach best known for? Paddle boarding, definitely!

East Coast Paddle - Paddle Board Lessons and Rentals
East Coast Paddle – Paddle Board Lessons and Rentals

In fact, many travelers go here just to experience their waters. Most of the time, they even find a tricky decision of what environment to try first as they have a lot of perfect SUP spots. For beginners, there are mostly calm and secluded bays that are safe for learning.

But for those who are looking for a more challenging experience, you can head further inland and try paddling on rivers and oceans. Experienced paddlers can even try their impressive lagoon system all the way to their famous lighthouse museum. The best scenery setting while paddling is their famous sunset view over the Atlantic. It’s definitely a wonderful experience to enjoy.

5. Bahia Honda State Park

Location: Big Pine Key, Florida


The Bahia Honda State Park is a quick drive from Miami. Traveling further will take you to Bahia Honda State Park, a gorgeous location with preserved waterways. It also contains many delightful rare shorelines and wading birds.

bahia Honda State Park

The atmosphere is generally peaceful. It is also known to have warm waters and amazing weather. This little paradise is a perfect place for paddle boarders who want to practice yoga exercises in open water without the danger of strong waves and tides.

It’s also a place where only few who visit Florida come to despite its beauty. Who wouldn’t fall in love with the feeling of being in a private resort?

Bahia Honda State Park is great for SUP boarding. Their waters are crystal clear blue with the calmest and most serene landscapes you can imagine. It is also considered as the best places for birdwatching in Florida. Birds and stunning fishes will surely capture your attention as you paddle around!

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Those were just 5 places in Florida that are great for standup paddle boarding. There are many other cities to visit that offer paddle boarding to the SUP enthusiasts. If you have been to any other place in Florida and enjoyed paddle boarding. Share your experience with us in the comments!

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