10 Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards With SUP Kayak Seats

SUP Kayak Seat


In this article, we will discuss the 10 best stand up paddle board SUP kayak seat conversions.

Stand up paddle boarding is an outdoor water sport whose popularity has grown tremendously. With its traditional origin in Africa, its contemporary origin as a sport can be traced back to Hawaii. This fun sport involves standing upright on a floating board, then propelling yourself with a paddle through the water.

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is a hybrid of paddling and surfing, that can be enjoyed in a variety of  bodies of water like in surf zones, flat oceans, canals, lakes, rivers, and inland waterways.

Recent market trends have been looking to integrate paddle boarding and kayaking. That way, you not only enjoy your board when standing but can paddle seated too.

While Kayaking and SUP are both fun activities by themselves, kayaking on a SUP board as a way of working out can be an enjoyable experience.

You get to enjoy two water activities on a single board. Very minimal and affordable modifications are needed on the SUP board to give it a kayak look, and allow for a sitting allowance and a multi-part paddle.

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 5 Health Benefits of Using a SUP Kayak Seat on Your Paddle Board 

[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] A Low Impact Sport:

People with back and leg medical complications can still enjoy being on the water as they can be in a sitting position. The sport is a low impact one and will less likely cause any damages. Those with injuries can manage to paddle long distances as it is less strenuous for them when seated.

[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] Core Benefits:

The exercises boost your core power, toning your arms, legs, chest, and back muscles. It also works to strengthen both the lower and upper abdominal muscles. This cross-training activity combines balance, strength, and endurance.

[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] Perfect for Weight Loss: 

Using a SUP as a Kayak will have you burn more calories and subsequently lose weight. Do you want to get in shape fast? SUP is the sport to join. A moderate pace of paddling will have you burn over 400 calories in an hour.

[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] Complete Workout:

Is the belly fat weighing you down? Take time to race your SUP/kayak, which works out your entire body. You will not only shred the fat but is also good cardio for your heart, reducing the chances of stroke and other heart-related complications.

[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] Stress Relief:

Water is therapeutic. The view of the sunset, the chance to bond with other SUP lovers, and the silent moments as you paddle away, is a real stress reliever. Stress can bring many health complications, so, paddle away and take charge of your life.

[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] It is Fun!

You can stand if you want to, sit when you are tired, without stressing your muscles unnecessarily. The sport is ideal for all age groups and other healthy activities like yoga.

 6 Other Reasons To Use SUP Kayak Paddle Boards 

Besides the health benefits that the activity provides, people still opt to use their SUP boards as kayaks for these other reasons:

      • Fishing will have you spend a lot of time on the water, and being in an upright standing position the whole time can be tiring. Mountable seats and paddle holders on the SUP are ideal when paddling for long hours or while SUP fishing.
      • Standing up on a paddle board can be cool and fun. However, your body can get tired and sore over long distances. So if you intend to spend lots of time on the water, the SUP/Kayak hybrid would be the better alternative. You can alternate between sitting and standing.
      • SUP kayaks have some storage space. So, if you are traveling with some gear and light luggage for other activities like camping, kayaking is the better choice of transportation. Your gear will be dry as well.
      • The cold climatic conditions or strong winds will also have one preferring to sit over standing. When the weather is warm and sunny, you can be upright soaking in Vitamin D.
      • People who love fishing find it more interesting when standing, but you can also get unobstructed views of the marine life in a sitting position. As fishing takes time and patience, having a choice to alternate between standing and being seated is a win.
      • Where speed is of the essence, SUP-kayaks is a better choice. The kayak’s center of gravity is lower, and this, coupled with the double blade paddle, makes it possible to attain high speeds compared to stand up paddle boarding.

 SUP Kayak Seat Comparison Table 

1. Bestway Hydro-Force Oceana Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Bestway Hydro-Force Oceana Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Features & Specifications:

The Bestway Hydro Force Inflatable Oceana SUP board provides you with efficient performance. It is 10 feet in length and is a great all around paddle board for cruising and fitness. This board has an adjustable 85 inch oar. Converts easily to a kayak. Has a non slip traction pad. Also includes a hand pump, travel bag, surf leash, footrest and repair kit. 


  • Portable and simple to store.


  • The seat can sometimes be flimsy and not to sturdy when attached to the board.

No products found.


2. Fun Water Inflatable SUP with Kayak Conversion Kit

FunWater Inflatable 10'x31''x6'' Stand UP Paddle Board Ultra-Light (17lbs) Everything Included ISUP Adj Paddle Kayak Seat









Features & Specifications:

The Fun Water inflatable stand up paddle board uses a durable and sturdy PVC material with a non-slip comfortable EVA. Some say it almost performs like a hard board.

When inflated it measures 31 inches wide and 6 inches thick. The maximum capacity is up to 220 lbs which makes it stable for all skill levels and conditions.

Has a kayak conversion kit to make it easy to transfer from stand up paddle board to kayak.

It includes paddle board, bungee for securing on-board cargo, and D-ring to attach a leash, 3 piece adjustable stand up paddle, manual pressure pump, travel backpack, removable fins, coil leash, kayak seat, and a waterproof bag for your mobile phone.


  • Good for beginners or 1st time SUP board purchase.
  • Great maneuverability and steering in the water.
  • Great quality & sturdy for the price.


  • Difficulty using the manual Pump. Occasional issues reading the pressure gauge.
  • Kayak seat not comfortable or useful for some adults.


FunWater SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 10'x31''x6'' Ultra-Light Inflatable Paddleboard with...
  • 【User Scenarios】Funwater paddle boards is your first choice for water sports.Funwater inflatable paddle boards (SUP) are suitable for all skill Levels to enjoy themselves, explore, or adventure in...
  • 【Materials and Parameters】The new ultra light military grade double wall PVC is 35% lighter than similar size products (17 pounds), with excellent wear resistance, toughness and long service life....
  • 【Design and Use】Funwater's unique ergonomic handle design allows you to inflate your paddle more easily in a shorter time. The sensitive barometer ensures that you can read the sup inflation...


3. Freein Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable SUP With Kayak Conversion


Features & Specifications:

The Freein inflatable SUP with kayak  can quickly and easily convert from a Stand Up Paddle Board to a seated Kayak by clipping the seat to the preinstalled anchors, then swapping out the paddle handle for the second blade. It is 10 feet in length, 31 inches wide and has a weight capacity of 257 pounds.

This inflatable paddle board is lightweight and portable. It is built as an all around wide body board that provides balance, control and maneuverability. The surface pad provides great gripping in wet conditions.

Comes with a full accessory kit. Which includes a convertible single and dual blade floating paddle, double action hand pump, a travel backpack, a 10 inch coiled ankle leash and repair kit.


  • Great kayak seat conversion
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Versatile and stable on water


  • Can be difficult to inflate at times

Freein SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Kayak Seat,Paddle Boards for Adults, Accessories...
  • Double the Fun:Kayak SUP inflatable into a paddle board and converts to a kayak with a seat and adjustable paddle. Enjoy the variety of paddling positions for a fun and efficient workout on the water.
  • Travel Ready:Take your adventure anywhere! Paddle boards for adults inflatable, lightweight, and easy to transport. Pack paddleboards and accessories in backpack, toss it in your car, and hit the...
  • Rock Solid Stability:Enjoy smooth paddling with confidence.stand up paddle board 10'6“ long, 31" wide with a max load of 305 lbs. inflatable paddleboard offers excellent stability for all skill...



4. Blue Water Toys Inflatable Paddle Board And Kayak


Features & Specifications:

The blue water toys and inflatable paddle board kayak conversion offers a design that measures 10 feet long 32 inches wide and 6 inches thick. Has a recommend weight limit of 300 pounds. This makes this board very stable and a lot of fun while enjoying activities on the water.

Blue Water Toys Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Kayak And SUP Chart

It includes a 3-fin system for superior tracking on flat water.

You can easily deflate the paddle board for convenient storage in your garage or storage areas. A versatile and fun inflatable stand up paddle board. The kayak conversion comes with a best in class warranty that will give you peace of mind that your paddle board will last longer and look great on the water.


  • Great customer service
  • Large comfortable standing surface
  • Sturdiness and ease of use
  • Good quality


  • Manual pump takes a lot of work to get to 15psi.
Blue Water Toys Inflatable Crossover Stand Up Paddle Board/Kayak Kit - Pump, Backpack, Coil Leash,...
  • JUST ADD WATER: Embark on your choice of Blue Water adventures with our multi-purpose, combination stand-up paddle board and kayak kit that comes with everything you need to quickly convert it from an...
  • STABILITY AND PORTABILITY IN ONE: Our inflatable paddle board and kayak provides the sturdiness of a hardboard with the convenience of an inflatable while improving performance for a better paddle...
  • DURABLE, UV-RESISTANT AND WATERPROOF CONSTRUCTION: Constructed using military grade PVC, our paddleboard features honeycomb EVA padding that is 100% UV resistant


5. Soopotay Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board With Kayak Conversion Kit

Soopotay Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board, Inflatable SUP Board with Kayak Conversion

Features & Specifications:

The Soopotay inflatable stand up paddle board and kayak conversion has a long distance rigid and robust touring sup board with kayak function. It measures at 11 fee and 6 inches long, 32 inches wide and 6 inches thick.

It provides a solid, stable, reliable platform that works even better than a traditional hard board. It carries the maximum amount of weight which is 370 pounds. A three-fin setup is perfect for tracking and balance while the increased rocker cuts through water and handles chop in the ocean.

Also has 6 D-rings with extendable bungees on the front to tie your dry bag or other gears, 4 D-rings in the middle to attach a sup kayak seat which comes included.

A shoulder strap which functions as a sup paddle board carrier. This allows you to sling the board on your shoulder to walk to the water.

Comes equipped with a kayak seat. However the kayak paddle is not included.



  • Compact for traveling
  • Sturdy backpack to carry SUP board and accessories
  • Plenty of room to SUP with your dog


    • May encounter instability in high wind situations
    • Kayak paddle not included

Soopotay SUP Inflatable Paddle Boards for Adults, 11'6'' x 32'' x 6'' Stand Up Paddleboard, Blow Up...
  • 【Easily Lift by One Hand and OK for 2 People to Ride】 Soopotay iSUP paddle board measures at 11'6'' x 32'' x 6'' with max capacity of 370 lbs (OK for two adult or an adult and a kid/dog), the...
  • 【Optimized Construction: Robust as double layer paddle board but 20% Lighter】 Purely hand-made, 0.9 mm ultra thick military grade PVC outshell with an adhesive layer in the middle and 1000D drop...
  • 【SUP and Kayak 2-In-1 Design, with Upgraded Paddle Board Seat】 Designed with extra 4 D-rings to attach sup seat(Included), the SUP seat is upgraded with no collapse and enhanced support, can...

6. Jiubenju Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Detachable Kayak Seat

Jiubenju All Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board and Kayak Seat Set

Features & Specifications:

The Jiubenju inflatable kayak SUP board features a 100% non-slip soft top deck for improved stability and balance while standing.  There are triple bottom fins to help improve with maneuverability, handling and steering.

It is easy for kids, teens and adults to use. Comes with a soft kayak seat you can sit down comfortably in and relax while paddling.  

Very portable and lightweight.  The paddle board measures at 10 feet and 6 inches long, 30 inches wide and 6 inches thick. Made of high quality and durable material.  When inflated, the board can hold up to 308 pounds.

All Jiubenju paddle boards comes with paddling accessories, including a aluminum adjustable oar, kayak seat, manual air pump, sup leash, repair kit and waterproof storage bag.


  • High Quality
  • Easily installation of triple bottom fins
  • Very portable and easy to store


  • Can mostly be used in calm waters. Does not perform well on beach water.
  • Hard to pump at times. Some units may have a leaky pump valve.

Jiubenju All Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board and Kayak Seat Set2

Jiubenju Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 10'6'/30'/6' with Premium SUP Accessories & Kayak Seat Set...
7 Reviews
Jiubenju Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 10'6"/30"/6" with Premium SUP Accessories & Kayak Seat Set...
  • 🏄ULTRA DURABLE: All-around premium inflatable board Paddle Boards for people of all skill level. 10'6" Long x 30" Wide x 6" Thick Non-Slip Deck improved stability and balance while standing....
  • 🏄NON-SLIP SOFT TOP DECK: The triple bottom panel fins help board improve overall speed. Brushed thickening inflatable stand up paddle board non-slip wide deck ideal for all skill levels for less...
  • 🏄PACKAGE INCLUDING: board, bi-directional high-pressure pump, safety leash, fins, waterproof carry bag, length adjustable aluminum paddle, kayak seat, repair kit for emergency and other complete...

7. Zray Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Stand With Kayak Seat Conversion

Zray Inflatable Paddle Board Stand Up SUP with kayak conversion

Features & Specifications:

The Zray inflatable stand up paddle board with kayak seat conversion is a universal all around design. Known to be rigid and stable. It is great for all skill levels and conditions.

The soft EVA deck pad makes friendly for pets and great for the family to enjoy.

You will find this board is easy to store and transport. It’s also easy to inflate and deflate saving you time. When it is fully deflated, it rolls up to a nice compact size and fits perfectly into a storage backpack, car trunk, storage closet, or even in a small locker.  

The Zray paddle board measures at 10 feet and 10 inches, 30 inches wide and 6 inches thick. A great feature is its military grade drop stitch construction which is resistant to dings, punctures and other small damages. There are also  adjustable bungee straps to secure extra equipment.

You can max out at 320 pound wait capacity. This allows you to bring a small child or pet. 

This paddle board includes an adjustable aluminum paddle, a durable backpack, a hight pressure pump and a gauge.  


  • Great to use with pets
  • Light and compact
  • Tracks pretty straight when paddling
  • Great customer service


  • Slightly unstable but not enough major concern for most users
  • At times can be difficult to inflate
  • May be a challenge for children under a certain age to use in the ocean

Zray Inflatable Paddle Board Stand Up SUP Comes with Adjustable Aluminum Paddle/High-Pressure Pump...
  • UNIVERSAL AND ALL AROUND DESIGN - Rigid and stable shape, great for all skill levels and conditions. Soft EVA deck pad makes it Family and Pet Friendly
  • EASY STORAGE AND TRANSPORTATION - Quick inflation and deflation. When deflated, this board rolls up to a compact size with a cinch strap and fits neatly just about anywhere – trunk, closet, boat...
  • STIFF AND STABLE - ZRAY X1 is 9’9” long and provides 30”of deck width for improved stability and balance while standing


8. Aquaplanet Rockbit BLU Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Kayak Conversion Seat 

Aquaplanet Rockit BLU Travel SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Kit | 4” Thick | 10’2” Long | Kayak Seat

Features & Specifications:

The Aquaplanet Rockbit BLU inflatable paddle board with kayak conversion seat is perfect for yoga, touring and enjoying many other activities. It is very versatile with top of the line strength and increased stiffness when using high psi inflation.

The board measures at 10 feet 2 inches long, 32 inches wide and 4 inches thick. One of the cool features is the viewing window which allows you to see what is swimming below.

The Aquaplanet Rockbit BLU inflatable SUP paddle board/Kayak package comes with the following:  Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, convertible SUP/KAYAK paddle, a high capacity dual action pump, a waterproof surf sac, a deluxe coiled leash , a rugged carry rucksack, and a comfy kayak seat for the kayak conversion.

Aquaplanet Rockit BLU Travel SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Kit | 4” Thick | 10’2” Long | Kayak Seat3


  • Comes with great accessories.
  • Fast, stable and very maneuverable.
  • Good for beginners.


  • Lacks brand awareness.
  • Takes a bit of effort to pump board to desired psi.
Aquaplanet Rockit BLU Travel SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Kit | 4” Thick | 10’2” Long...
  • LOOKING FOR A KAYAK & PADDLEBOARD IN ONE? The Rockit from Aquaplanet comes with a handy kayak conversion seat kit and lightweight two-way paddle. Swap from a standard SUP to a kayak with ease and...
  • WANT VALUE AND CONVENIENCE FROM YOUR BOARD? The Rockit ticks all the boxes: fantastic value for money with the top-notch quality you'd expect from Aquaplanet. It's super-convenient too - it can be...
  • WHAT MAKES THE ROCKIT A STANDOUT BOARD? Ultra tough drop stitch, thick surface laminate material allowing for high PSI inflation, traction pads for grip, triple fins for speed and a large detachable...

9. Bluefin SUP Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board with Kayak Conversion Kit

Bluefin Cruise SUP Package Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board2

Features & Specifications:

Bluefin SUP inflatable paddle board uses 1000 Denier Exo Surface Laminate PVC & Pro Weave Drop Stitch which make up the board material. These materials make these boards tough enough to hold up to 28 PSI using the dual action pump. This makes the board very stable and rigid.  Recommend riding range however is 15-18 PSI.

Comes with a kayak conversion kit and GoPro mount. The SUP backpack comes with extra padding and wide straps which makes transporting comfortable. 

The lightweight fiberglass shaft and polyurethane blade weigh 45% less than standard aluminum SUP paddles. The super tough blade is impossible to chip or warp and the no-flutter design makes each stroke more efficient with less effort.

The Smart Lock Fin System benefits from no loose metal parts, easily clicking into place and secures with a single integrated fin box and locking mechanism.

Bluefin boards and accessories are designed to last which is why they offer a 5 year warranty on their products. They have responsive and supportive customer service reps to help you resolve any possible issues.   

Bluefin Cruise SUP Package Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board


  • Great Customer Service
  • Ease of converting to Kayak from SUP Board
  • Stable Boards with Strong Durability
  • Great Value For The Money


  • Some Leaking from Seal Around the Pump Port.
  • Can be a little unstable for beginners

Bluefin SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board | 6” Thick | Kayak Conversion Kit | All Accessories |...
  • LOOKING FOR A PRECISION BOARD PACKED WITH HIGH PERFORMANCE DESIGN? Only Bluefin Cruise Carbon comes with FRS carbon composite rail, 1000 Denier Exo Surface Laminate & Pro-Weave Drop Stitch. Bluefin...
  • WE PLANT A TREE FOR EVERY PURCHASE - The environment is at the heart of everything we do at Bluefin. While we seek to use recycled materials in our manufacturing processes, Bluefin remain committed to...
  • FRS: FLEX REDUCTION SYSTEM: Robust Carbon fibre rovings woven into a diagonal twill pattern produce our 3K Carbon fibre rail layer. Unique properties of 210gsm carbon textile allow stiffness &...


10. Zupapa Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board and Kayak Seat

Zupapa Upgrade Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 6 Thick 11 FT Kayak Convertible

Features & Specifications:

The Zupapa stand up paddle board supports riders up to 350 pounds and with 3 fins under the tail. It is great for activities like fishing, yoga, surfing, or any recreational paddling where maneuverability is important. 

The Zupapa paddle board is made with a military grade PVC so there is no need to worry about it getting punctured by sharp nails or any other damage that it might take.  

 The Zupapa inflatable paddle board package includes: a paddle board, a kayak seat, a 4 piece aluminum paddle, 3 removable fins, one dual action pump, 1 paddle holder, 1 shoulder strap, 1 coil leash, 1 backpack, 1 repair kit, and 1 removable foot rest. 

Zupapa paddle boards also come with a 3 year warranty for replacement parts without any charge (normal wear and tear are excluded).

Zupapa 2020 Upgraded Inflatble 10FT Stand Up Paddle Board Kayak Conversion


  • Great for Families
  • Easy to Use
  • Wide and Sturdy
  • Great Kayak Conversion


  • Hard to seal after inflating. Air rushes out too quickly.
  • Maybe hard to balance on for beginners

Zupapa Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard with SUP Accessories, Non-Slip Deck - Perfect for Adults,...
  • [High Weight Capacity]: The Zupapa 11FT inflatable paddleboard is designed to support riders up to 350LBS, making it perfect for tall riders or multiple passengers.
  • [Versatile Design]: With a removable seat, the paddleboard can easily be converted into a kayak, and the paddle can be transformed into a 2-blade kayaking paddle. The paddle also floats!
  • [Non-Slip Surface]: The full anti-skid EVA covering on the deck makes the paddleboard safer for all levels of paddlers, including those practicing yoga or bringing along kids or dogs.


Conclusion To The Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards With SUP Kayak Seats

Water activities like SUP and kayaking are a good way to relax your body, mind, and soul. Overall it is a great form of exercise and stress reliever that many look forward to doing when the time is available.

As we reviewed the many SUP kayak seat conversions. Converting your paddle board into a kayak is easy and does not have to be expensive.  Hopefully by researching and reviewing some of the paddle board kayak seat conversions on the market. You will be able to find one that will work for you and your family.

Let us know if we missed a good SUP Board Kayak seat conversion and we will add it to the list for review.

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