People Overweight Are Convinced SUP Stand Up Paddle Boarding Is Great For Weight Loss And A Good Form Of Exercise

People Overweight Are Convinced SUP Stand Up Paddle Boarding Is Great For Weight Loss And A Good Form Of Exercise

We asked people in an online survey who have difficulty losing weight and are familiar with SUP if paddle boarding is great for weight loss. Majority said yes and in this article we will tell you why.

Paddle boarding is a fast-growing water sport characterized as using a large hollow board and a single blade paddle to transport yourself across the water. Paddle boarding provides a low-impact full-body workout that can be achieved by anyone that loves to be outdoors and on the water.

We will take a deep dive into why paddle boarding is great for weight loss. Also answer some commonly asked questions by people who are not physically active but want to participate in this form of recreational outdoor activity.

Can You Lose Weight Paddle Boarding?

Paddle Boarding Is Great For Weight Loss

Paddle boarding can be used to supplement a weight loss journey. Weight loss is ultimately achieved by burning more calories than you can consume. A person’s total daily energy expenditure is determined by the following:

  • BMR: Calories burned while at total rest.
  • TEF: Calories burned from digestion.
  • NEAT: Calories burned from daily physical activity, such as walking upstairs.
  • EAT: Calories burned from exercise activity, such as paddle boarding or other sports.

You can use this calorie calculator to determine how many calories you need to maintain your weight.

Paddle boarding increases our EAT, therefore increasing our total daily energy expenditure. Consequently, we burn more calories, making it easier to burn more than we are consuming. Therefore, alongside a healthy lifestyle, paddle boarding can help us lose weight.

How Many Calories Can You Burn Paddle Boarding ?

Paddle boarding can be performed at varying intensities, therefore calorie burn will depend on the type of paddle boarding you participate in. The most common forms of paddle boarding include:

  • Surfing: Riding a wave on a paddle board.
  • Racing: Paddling across a set distance in the fastest time possible.
  • Touring: Continuously paddling across a long distance.
  • Yoga: Postural movement and mindfulness practice on a paddle board.
  • Recreational: Paddling on calm waters at a moderately slow pace.
How Many Calories Do You Burn With SUP: Paddle Boarding Is Great For Weight Loss
Photo Courtesy of Isle Surf and SUP

How Many Calories Do You Burn In An Hour of Paddle Boarding?

For a person weighing 165-200lbs they would expect to burn the following number of calories from 1hr of paddling at different formats:

  • Surfing: ~623-735kcal/hr
  • Racing: ~713-1,125kcal/hr
  • Touring: ~615-708kcal/hr
  • Yoga: ~416-540kcal/hr
  • Recreational: ~305-430kcal/hr

Exercise calorie burn also depends on many individual factors including age, weight, gender, height, and body composition. Therefore, your exact calorie expenditure during a paddle boarding session will depend on your intensity, duration, and individual energy requirements.

How Do I Get Started Losing Weight Paddle Boarding If I’m Not Physically Active?

Paddle Boarding is a great way to get physically active, but if you haven’t exercised for a while and have health issues or concerns, we recommend speaking to your doctor before paddle boarding.

Your doctor can determine whether you are physically ready for paddle boarding, and advise you on how much you can do.

Once cleared by your doctor, you’re ready to take to the water. Paddle boarding can be done with your family and friends, or with a qualified paddle board fitness professional.

If you want to get started at home first. We suggest you start with a dynamic stretching program  and start getting used to being active.

Dynamic Stretching Exercises For Beginners

If you are wanting to increase your activity level up even more. We recommend taking your first few sessions with a qualified fitness professional. They will work with you to ensure safety and confidence in the water.

If you are untrained or overweight the idea of standing on a floating board while on the water can appear to be a daunting task. A professional can guide you through your physical capabilities and build your confidence in the water.

Never feel pressured to stand up on your first session, many beginners do not immediately stand up on the board and that is okay. Over time, with increased confidence and fitness you can decide when is best for you to come on to your feet.

Should I Attend a Local Paddle Board Fitness Session in My Area?

Local Paddle Board Fitness Session in My Area


Paddle board fitness sessions conducted by qualified fitness professionals usually take the form of individual 1 on1 or fitness group classes. All sessions have their pros and cons, but for your first few sessions, we recommend having an individual 1 on 1 trainer to lead your session.

Trainers will work with you, and only you for the entire session. They will gain an understanding of your physical, mental capabilities and weaknesses, therefore prioritizing where they need to focus their attention with your fitness goals.

Working closely with a trainer can ensure you are meeting your personal goals, gaining confidence in the water, and improving your performance. Once you have built confidence and improved fitness level. You can then consider attending group fitness classes. This is an added benefit and great way to socialize and have friendly fun in the water.

Many people gain strong friendship groups from participating in group sessions and we recommend implementing them into your routine once confident on the water.

However, take into consideration trainers have to work with many people in group sessions, therefore you will receive less attention compared to an individual 1 on 1 session.

Combining both individual and group sessions in the long-term would be the most viable way to improve your overall performance, fitness, and weight loss goals.

Achieve Paddle Board Fitness With Online Personal Trainers

How Can I Get Fit for Paddle Boarding?

Paddle boarding is a recreational sport requiring multiple components of fitness. Paddle boarding itself will improve your fitness, however, you may also choose to do some home accessory workouts to amplify your paddle boarding performance.

Below we have designed a full-body workout routine to help your paddle boarding performance.

Complete each exercise for 45 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of rest. Complete the circuit 3 times:

◉  High Knees

◉  Air Squats

◉  Sit-Ups

◉  Star Jumps

◉  Knee Push-Ups

Online Personal Trainer for Paddle Board Fitness

How Can I Make Paddle Boarding Part of My Lifestyle?

Sticking with an activity can be challenging. How many of you have set New Year’s gym resolutions, only to watch the monthly direct debit leave your account, without actually setting foot into the gym? I’m guessing a lot.

Below are my top tips to sticking with paddle boarding for the long run:

  1. Find Your Why:Tell yourself why you want to paddle board. Is it to lose weight? Become fitter? Get outdoors more? Whatever your ‘why’ is, write it down and consistently remind yourself why you’re doing this. The more we internalize our goals, the more likely we are to stick to them.
  2. Build a Support System:Exercise is much easier and more motivating to do with others around you. Find people who also like the SUP life. This may be joining a group session or hiring a trainer. Exercise soon becomes an active outing with your friends, rather than just boring exercise routines.
  3. Have Fun:Too many times I’ve heard people say I don’t like the gym, but I have to go to lose weight. To me this sounds bizarre, why do something you don’t enjoy. Paddle boarding is a fun form of exercise, that most of the time doesn’t even feel like exercise. Give it a go, chances are you’ll love it!

Inflatable Paddle Boards For Beginners

Final Thoughts: Is Paddle Boarding Great For Weight Loss?   

Paddle boarding can be used as a tool in your weight loss journey. It provides a full-body workout with varying intensity.

Paddle boarding can be done by most shapes, sizes, and abilities, all you need is a basic level of fitness and you’re ready to get on the board.

When you start paddle boarding it can be highly beneficial working with an online personal trainer who can provide you with an individualized program, offer guidance and advice.

Over time you’ll gain confidence and improved fitness level. Paddle boarding can become a great social activity to help you stick with paddle boarding for the long term!

If you are interested in starting your paddle board fitness journey from home. You can try out the metabolic dynamic stretching program. A complete stretching and strengthening program to help you lose weight and get your on the path to a fit and healthier lifestyle.

Dynamic Stretching To Prevent Paddle Board Injuries

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