Picking The Best Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories For Holiday Gifts Including Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas

 Picking The Best Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories For Holiday Gifts Including Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas 

In this post we will discuss the best stand up paddle board accessories for holiday gifts. This includes very popular shopping holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Christmas season.

Over the years traditional surfing has evolved into a new water-based activity. One of the most popular trends has come in the form of paddle boarding. Paddle boarding involves moving across the water using a large board and a paddle.

Unlike surfing, paddle boarding can be done on all bodies of water. Making the sport accessible to everyone regardless of location, age, or ability. All you need is a body of water, a board, a paddle, and a very basic level of fitness and swimming ability.

The versatility of paddle boarding makes people fall in love with the sport. Whether you’re looking for a recreational paddle or catching some waves.  You can do it all with paddle boarding.

The paddle boarding community are people who genuinely care about their mind, body and soul. People are typically very laid back, open-minded, and inclusive. Whether you want a new fitness regime, relaxing experience, or social activity, paddle boarding is for you.

 Why Paddle Board Accessories Make Great Gifts? 

“Stand-up paddle boarding” by Traveloscopy

Holiday Gifts that involve SUP paddle boarding are more than just a physical product. They are an experience! Rest assured these types of holiday gifts won’t just be used once or twice and be stored in the back of the garage or storage closet.

It will be used frequently to provide fulfillment and good memories outdoors on the water. Not only are you giving a product to someone that will find enjoyment almost immediately. You are encouraging them to improve their physical and mental well being by paddle boarding.

 Which Paddle Board Accessory Should I Get As A Gift For the Holidays? 

You’ve probably heard of the phrase “the perfect gift does not exist”.  This is completely true. The holiday gift you choose will depend on your budget, preferences, and interests of  the person you are buying it for. We’ve created a list of our top 10 paddle board accessories for holiday gifts to help you pick out during one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year.


 Top 10 Paddle Board Accessories That Make Great Holiday Gifts 

[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] Paddle Board

Bluefin Cruise All-Rounder

Bluefin Cruise All Rounder - Paddle Board Accessories For Holiday Gifts


The Bluefin Cruise All-Rounder is great for those who are new to paddle boarding. The thick base helps keep you stable and balanced on the board. You are able to enjoy paddling even if you are new at the activity.

This board also has a fully padded deck to help keep your grip on the water. Comes with a corded cargo area to store all your belongings on those longer adventures. Includes a kayak conversion kit so you can use it as a paddle board or a kayak.  The fiberglass paddle is lighter than most other paddles on the market and makes it easier for you to move and glide through the water.


  • Durable.
  • Stable.
  • Transportable.
  • Suitable for beginners.


  • Heavier than some other boards.

[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] Smart Watch

Garmin Vivoactive

Garmin Vivoactive 4, GPS Smartwatch

The Garmin vivoactive is a waterproof GPS activity tracker suitable for paddle boarding. The watch tracks your route, time, heart rate, and calorie burn. You can use this information to track your paddle boarding progress over time.


  • Waterproof.
  • GPS tracking.
  • Works with Android and Apple devices.


  • Chunky design might be uncomfortable while paddle boarding.
Garmin Vivoactive 4, GPS Smartwatch, Features Music, Body Energy Monitoring, Animated Workouts,...
  • Keeps track of your energy levels, Pulse Ox (this is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any medical condition), respiration, menstrual cycle, stress,...
  • Easily download songs to your watch, including playlists from Spotify, Amazon music or Deezer (may require a premium subscription with a third party music provider), and connect with headphones (sold...
  • Record all the ways to move with more than 20 preloaded GPS and indoor sports apps, including yoga, running, swimming and more

[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] Camera

GoPro HERO7 Waterproof Action Camera

GoPro Hero7 Black — Waterproof Action Camera

Capture your experiences on the water with the GoPro HERO7 waterproof action camera. Perfect for capturing those long-lasting memories you can take videos or photos of the ocean or yourself on the board. Easily transfer the files to your phone using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology.


  • Durable.
  • High-quality camera.
  • Easy to access files.


  • Has only one lens. Therefore you have to manually rotate it for different angles.
GoPro Hero7 Black — Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K Ultra HD Video 12MP Photos 720p...
  • HyperSmooth: Get gimbal‑like stabilization—without the gimbal. HERO7 Black corrects for camera shake to deliver insanely smooth footage
  • TimeWarp: Capture super stabilized time lapse videos while you move about a scene. Increase the speed up to 30x to turn longer activities into shareable moments
  • Live streaming in 720p: Share while you’re there. Live stream in 720p on social, get HyperSmooth stabilization as you broadcast via the GoPro app and save footage to your SD card to check out later

[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] Speaker

Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

With the 12 watt sound and enhanced bass. The Anker Soundcore 2 is great for paddle boarders wanting to listen to some music while out on the water. The speaker is small with a stylish black design and perfect for paddle boards with limited carrying capacity.


  • 24-hour battery life.
  • Well priced and good sound quality.


  • Requires you to have your phone out on the water with you.
Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 12W Stereo Sound, Bluetooth 5, Bassup, IPX7...
  • Unbelievable sound: 12W of pure audio power with enhanced bass Thunders from dual neodymium drivers. An advanced digital signal processor ensures pounding bass and zero distortion at any volume.
  • Intense bass: exclusive bass up technology and a patented spiral bass port boost low-end frequencies to make the beats hit even harder.
  • Outdoor-proof: IPX7 protection safeguards against rain, dust, snow, and spills. Get incredible sound at home, in the yard, or anywhere else imaginable.

[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] Waterproof Fanny Pack

YETI Sidekick Dry

YETI Sidekick Dry

The Yeti Sidekick Dry is 100% waterproof! This bag can be fully submerged in water without the contents inside getting wet. A unique magnet sealed opening is easy to access.


  • 100% waterproof and stylish.


  • Expensive.

No products found.

[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] Dog Deck Pad

MonkeyJack Non-Slip Dog Pet Paw SUP Deck Traction Pads

MonkeyJack 4 Pieces Non-Slip Diamond Grooved EVA Dog Pet Paw Traction Pads

Take your dog out on the water without risking you board getting scuffed up. This dog deck is made of high-quality closed cell EVA foam which is perfect for protecting your board and providing grip for your dog.


  • Easy to attach.
  • Durable and protective.


  • Can be sticky.
MonkeyJack 4 Pieces Non-Slip Diamond Grooved EVA Dog Pet Paw Traction Pads Deck Grip Mat Tail Pads...
  • Comfortable deck traction pad especially designed for your dog, also can be used as tail pad
  • Made from ultralight diamond grooved EVA foam, the design helps make a great grip
  • Adhesive at back, easy installation and anti-slip


[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] Sunglasses

O’Neill Men’s Harlyn Polarized Sunglasses

O'Neill Men's Harlyn Polarized Sunglasses

The O’Neil Men’s Harlyn Polarized sunglasses are very durable and great to wear all year round.  They come polarized, have anti-scratch, and anti-glare lens that tick all the boxes for paddle boarders that ride in the sun.

They come in a variety of frames and colors so choose the ones that fit your style and wear them on your next paddle board adventure!


  • Polarized with 100% UVA+B protection.


  • Expensive.
O'Neill Men's Harlyn Polarized Square Sunglasses, Gloss Black, 56 mm
  • 100% UVA/B polarized protection
  • Style : Square
  • Frame Color : Gloss black/green | Lens Color : Solid green


[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] Cooler

YETI Roadie 20

YETI Roadie 20 Cooler

Keep drinks and snacks cool on longer rides with the YETI roadie 20 cooler. Lock handles prevent unwanted opening and anchor points secure the cooler to the board. Great for long outdoor paddle boarding trips or SUP fishing.


  • Stylish and secure.


  • Good insulation.
  • Not the best cooler on the market.
YETI Roadie 20 Cooler White
  • The YETI Roadie is BYOB’s new best friend with a capacity of up to 14 cans with recommended 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio
  • Will keep your ice… well ice thanks to up to 3 inches of PermaFrost Insulation and an extra thick FatWall design is certified Bear-Resistant
  • The Rotomolded Construction makes the Tundra armored to the core and virtually indestructible so wherever you decide to take it, this portable cooler’s sturdy construction will stand up to the...

[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] Electronics Case

Aquapac Whanganui Electronics Case

Aquapac Large Whanganui Waterproof Case

The Aquapac Whanganui Electronic case allows you to take your electronics out on the water without the fear of getting them wet. 100% waterproof up to 15ft. This case will float to the top if dropped into the water. The clear touchscreen lets you use your device without removing it from the case.


  • 100% waterproof.
  • Can still use your device when it’s in the case.


  • Not great if you want to carry multiple devices.
Aquapac Waterproof Large Paddle Case, Made in the UK, Shoulder Strap, Travel Essential, 5 Year...
  • 𝐁𝐔𝐈𝐋𝐓 𝐅𝐎𝐑 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐎𝐔𝐓𝐃𝐎𝐎𝐑𝐒. Designed for watersports, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and other outdoor activities. Carry hands free around...
  • 𝐌𝐀𝐃𝐄 𝐈𝐍 𝐁𝐑𝐈𝐓𝐀𝐈𝐍. Designed and manufactured at Aquapac's Global Headquarters in Lancashire, England. Aquapac have supplied military and emergency services around...


[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#81d742″] Light


SurfStow 50305 SUPGlo Headlamp

See the wonders of the ocean at night with the Surfstow SupGlo Extra bright LED light. Light coverage includes your path, surroundings, and life below the water. Strong suction makes it easy to attach to your board.


  • Bright with several lighting options.


  • Water can leak into the light causing it to dim.
SurfStow 50305 SUPGlo Headlamp, Multi-Function LED
  • Headlamp requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Low mode (5 Lumens) lighting distance is 6m and burn time is 180 hours
  • Middle mode (40 Lumens) lighting distance is 80m and burn time is 70 hours


 Take Advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Specials 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are events that offer huge discounts across thousands of brands. You can really save some money and keep an eye out for some very big savings on various paddle boarding brands and accessories. The more savings you accumulate the more paddle boarding trips you can take around the world with your family and loved ones. It’s a win win situation!



Paddle boarding gifts are a great way to give and share experiences of paddle boarding through an activity most people love to do outdoors. There are many paddle board products and brands available to make your loved one’s paddle boarding experience the best it can be on their first or next adventure.


@ovap.ottawa Shares his top 5 accessories that will make the paddling experience more enjoyable! 

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