How To Make Money Hosting An Airbnb Experience With Stand Up Paddle Boarding Tours And Lessons

How To Make Money Hosting An Airbnb Experience With Stand Up Paddle Boarding Tours And Lessons

Want to know how to make money hosting an Airbnb Experience by creating stand up paddle board tours and lessons?

First I have to ask. Do you have a passion for stand up paddle boarding? Or, maybe, you work as an instructor who offers stand up paddle boarding lessons? If you would you like to earn money by doing this interesting activity and sharing your experience with others, then you might want to take advantage of Airbnb Experiences.

Hosting An Airbnb Experience

Airbnb is the platform that allows you to do what you love and get paid for it. Design a one-of-a-kind activity and manage it in an efficient way. Show what you love to do and reach the target audience. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy your hobby and earn money.

Airbnb is a platform that gives you an excellent opportunity to host a stand up paddle boarding experience in the best possible way. This will help you turn your passion into profits!

All you need to do is to setup and host a stand up paddle boarding experience in your city. So, your services will be available for locals and travelers.

Why You Should Host a Stand Up Paddle Boarding Experience with Airbnb

The reality is, hosting a stand up paddle boarding experience with Airbnb has many great benefits.

  • The Airbnb platform provides its users with great money making opportunities.
  • There is plenty of online traffic to the airbnb platform.
  • Also, you’ll find it easy to setup prices for your services on Airbnb.
  • Airbnb is known for its convenient payment system and low fees (3-5%).


You’ll not find it hard to withdraw funds and get paid with Airbnb. Keep in mind that a lot of payment options are available for Airbnb’s users. These include PayPal, bank transfer and some other payment methods. So, you’ll be able to pick a payment option that works best for you.

It will not take you too long to get payments from Airbnb. In reality, the payment process takes no longer than 24 hours.

Airbnb is known for its great customer support. Airbnb provides its customers with effective solutions for any of their hosting needs. The company provides its clients with customer support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Airbnb has all the necessary tools which are required for hosting activities. The system’s features and tools include: tasks management solution, scheduling option, payments as well as insights.

So, you’ll have everything that’s needed to host an activity. Use these tools to increase the visibility of your activity and make the payment process simple.

With Airbnb you’ll be able to host different kinds of experiences including a dance class, music show, wine tasting and, of course, stand up paddle boarding. Once the activity is created, start hosting it.

Airbnb provides its users with all the necessary informational resources to help them achieve success. Use the power of articles, weekly newsletters as well as events to grow your target audience and increase your awareness.

How to Get Started Hosting An Airbnb Experience

Submit Your Airbnb Experience

It’s pretty easy to get started with Airbnb. You will need to submit an experience that you’d like to host at

Prior to submitting your experience. You will need to create a page for your activity on the Airbnb platform (it can be a class, tour, etc) and show people what you can do.

You should aim to create paddle board activities that look interesting for everyone.

You can do one of the following:

  • Morning SUP Tours
  • Sunset SUP Tours
  • Yoga SUP
  • Fitness SUP
  • City Tours On SUP
  • Nature SUP Tours
  • Plus any other creative ideas

Do every single thing possible to impress people with your experience with stand up paddle boarding and make sure to convey it through the page on Airbnb.

Explore all of your hosting options carefully before to begin. Hosting an experience also makes it possible for you to show off your city as well as its culture and craft. Make sure that the experience page will meet your standards of quality.

When creating an activity, you should get familiar with all categories available and pick the best one. If you live in a location that has plenty of scenic views and nature preserves then the Nature & Outdoor category is best fit and one that relates to stand up paddle boarding. Water sports and many other outdoor activities are also good categories to be under.

What Your Airbnb Experience Page Should Look Like

Sunrise Paddle Boarding Experience North Palm Beach
Sunrise Paddle Boarding Experience
North Palm Beach, United States

What Will Guests Do? – You should give people enough details about your activity. It’s important to provide people with such details as the address, duration, group size, what’s included in the event, a minimum number of guests per experience, price per person and the language.

Describe what you will do on the experience page briefly. Then, provide the information about yourself in your host section.

After that, you should highlight the benefits of your activity. Let people know what exactly makes the activity special.

What is Included? – It is a great idea to explain to people what you will provide for them during the activity and what they will need to prepare for an activity in advance. You can provide food, drinks like water, equipment that is needed to enjoy the experience, and other items you feel will add value to the Airbnb Experience.

And of course, you have to share the photos of your activity. You must be very selective when it comes to picking photos for an activity. Give a preference to high-quality photos that can impress your target audience.

Guest photos also need to be a part of your experience page on Airbnb. Guest photos will help people understand your activity much better. So, they will be able to decide if they like it or don’t like.

Availability Dates – The information on availability is also important for consumers. You need to show calendar dates and times when your activity is available.

Finally, users will be able to check dates for availability and make a booking on Airbnb. Add the Choose button to your experience page to make it easy for users to make bookings.

Airbnb Experiences Availability Dates

Your experience page should also include the guest reviews section. So, people will be able to see what others think and say about your activity.

Obviously, you should do everything possible to get great reviews and build a solid reputation on the market.

How Much Can You Make Hosting An Airbnb Experience?

I say this is completely up to you and how much time you put into it. Creating Airbnb Experiences for most people maybe a side hustle to help pay a mortgage or other living expenses. Others, if focused can make this a full time income opportunity.

Airbnb has said on it’s website “Experiences hosts charge anywhere from $25-$150 per person for a single activity. Airbnb takes a 20% cut of that–but gets only a 3-5% cut of earnings from home rentals.”

So if you combine home rentals and create an experience for your guests. You can really make a substantial income.

Join the Airbnb Global Community Center of Hosts

Airbnb Global Community of Hosts

After that, you need to join the Airbnb global community center of hosts. Here you can interact and engage with real experts in different fields. The community has professionals of all types including divers, hikers as well as mountaineers and surfers. Each of them may be interested in your activity.

It’s worth noting that Airbnb’s community is constantly growing and bringing together people from all over the world.

Members of the community have a unique opportunity to get the access to the activities which are impossible to find anywhere.

Now, it’s time to start hosting a stand up paddle boarding experience with Airbnb and earn an extra income!

Best of luck!

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