9 Important Questions We Asked William Vaughan Founder of Bluefin SUP | 2021

Bluefin SUP Boards have become well known in the SUP community for their well designed and high performance SUP Boards. After reading this post you may want to check out a post we did reviewing the best inflatable Bluefin paddle boards for beginners.

But before you head over there. We got a chance to have a Q and A session with the Founder of Bluefin, William Vaughan, and learn what makes this company so successful and one of the choices SUP paddlers think about when looking for a SUP board to purchase.

We hope you enjoy reading this interview.

 1. What was the inspiration to start Bluefin SUP? 

We started Bluefin in 2013. As Bluefin Kayaks. I have always loved the sea, water-sports and the outdoors. I spent a lot of time on the west coast of Scotland as a child/ teen and spent all my time in the water. I started Bluefin straight out of University.

Sitting inside Kayaks made so much sense for me. I loved kayaking and had access to the industry because we were a part of it. The kayaks and the Bluefin Kayak brand was going really well.

But it had its limitations, storing was a nightmare, shipping was so hard and we could only retail to UK customers. We had a ton of demand in Europe and USA and we just couldn’t get them to people.

In our own water exploits, we came across SUP. We loved it and new it was something that we should look into.

We wanted to create boards that were high quality but still priced accessibly – we saw a gap in the market for this. There were great boards, but they just weren’t affordable. There were super cheap boards, but they were rubbish to paddle. That is where Bluefin comes in!

We have made a lot of changes and adaptations to our boards and range over the years. We are SO happy with our current range of board and we have been receiving great feedback from industry professionals and our paddlers. But, this is just the beginning.

 2. What is the company’s mission and what does it hope to achieve for its customer base? 

Bluefin Cruise Carbon SUP Inflatable Board
Photo Courtesy of Bluefin SUP

To build a strong paddle boarding Community. Also, to create an accessible and affordable range of boards.

We keep as connected as possible to our customers and community members. We are constantly updating, upgrade and changing our boards and accessories and online resources. We will never be “finished” with our boards. I think that is unique in the industry.

Quality, affordability and community is the company mission!

 3. With dozens of SUP boards on the market. What sets Bluefin SUP completely apart from everyone else? 

We have the same quality and performance boards that high-end brands do. We just make sure that our prices are kept lower. We want to get as many people out on boards and into this sport as possible.

I think our engaged Community also sets us apart. Our paddlers meet up, share tips and support each other. It’s so awesome.

 4. Which SUP boards are your best sellers and why? 

Our Cruise Range is the most popular and best selling Bluefin paddle board due to it being an all-rounder and having an affordable price point. The 10’8 seems to be the most popular as it’s a great size for a lot of people.

We have also seen a lot of demand for our specialist boards, specifically the Sprint 14’ and the Aura Fit – yoga board.

Bluefin Aura Fit Yoga SUP Board
Photo Courtesy of Bluefin SUP

 5. Does the Company sponsor any events in the U.K or Abroad? If so which ones? 

We had plans to be involved with several events this year, but Covid-19 really stopped us in our tracks. In the past we have worked with APP on the SUP Open as well as sponsoring a few local festivals.

Now that our team has grown, we will be looking into getting involved in more SUP events.

 6. Does the Company take SUP Retreats or SUP together? If so which places does the team like to go and what makes it a great place to SUP? 

Photo Courtesy of Bluefin SUP

We have staff boards up at Bluefin for anyone to take and use. We all love the sport and often go for a post-work paddle.

Currently staff are still working from home, so we haven’t met up as a team for a couple of months. It’s a shame, but it is still great to see everyone out and about on solo adventures!

 7. You guys seem to have a great team at Bluefin from the Founder down to Blue, the Apprentice Morale Officer.  

 What’s it like working with Finn and Blue the morale officers of the company? One appears to be a pointer and the other part Lab mix with Shepard? 

They are actually both German Short Haired Pointers – Finn is just a little chunkier (but don’t tell her that!).

Yes, the dogs are a real joy. It’s nice to be able to chill with them at lunch or grab them for a walk after a busy day.

The outdoors, health and wellness lifestyle is intrinsic at Bluefin. We love it and encourage our staff to get out as much as possible!

 8. What would you like to let your customers know moving into 2021 and beyond about the company, it’s products, and commitment to the community considering that we have seen a lot of SUP Board companies come and go? 

We are constantly adapting and changing. We will always strive to provide the best quality for the best prices.

We have new products, merch and accessories in the works and we will always turn to the Community for feedback.

We owe everything to our paddlers, so we always refer to them as our best source of information!

 9. Any last thoughts you would like to leave the SUP Community? 

We encourage people to be active in the SUP community. Whether that is locally or online.

We let our community lead us and look to our paddlers as to what they expect from us and what they want to see. We have regular paddler blogs, videos and paddler tips in our Newsletter.

Get involved!

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