7 Best Reasons To Use An Online Personal Trainer To Crush Your Paddle Board Fitness Goals

7 Best Reasons To Use An Online Personal Trainer To Crush Your Stand Up Paddle Board Fitness Goals

In this article we are going to discuss the 7 best reasons to use an online personal trainer to crush your stand up paddle board fitness goals.

Stand up paddle boarding is a popular water sport activity involving the use of a hollow board and a single blade paddle to transport yourself across coastlines, lakes, and rivers.

Paddle boarding is commonly completed as a recreational social activity, but can also provide a full-body low impact workout. In this article, we discuss the benefits of using an online personal trainer to maximize fitness results for paddle boarding.

Paddle Board Fitness Goals

Are You Strong Enough To Paddle Board?

Paddle boarding requires multiple components of fitness including endurance, speed, Paddle Board Fitnessstrength, balance, and coordination. Therefore, before we head out on the board it is important, we have a base level of each fitness requirement.

Paddle boarding is an accessible sport for many individuals of varying abilities, but it is important to have minimal baseline fitness to ensure safety on the water.

Participating in stand up paddle boarding with very low fitness levels will put yourself and others at risk of injury. Especially if you are known to have tight muscles and are not the type to stretch before workouts.

Working on the components of your fitness will gradually build you up to a high level enough to participate in paddle boarding activities.

If you meet the minimal requirements, great! Working on each component will enable you to take part in longer, more intense paddle boarding sessions.

Paddle boarding requires the use of all your muscles, from your toes, legs, core, arms, shoulders, back, and neck. Your body will work in unison to keep you stable on the board, as well as allowing you to paddle hard for longer periods.

Achieve Paddle Board Fitness With Online Personal Trainers

The great thing about paddle boarding is it provides a fun workout session, without feeling like exercise. Although this is a great way to stay healthy and active, to increase our fitness we must train at a higher capacity than our previous sessions.

Often at a recreational, social level, paddle boarding is done as an active pastime, therefore we often maintain our fitness, rather than improving it.

As mentioned, if paddle boarding is a pastime for you, by all means, carry on, but if it is a way to improve fitness you will have to progressively increase your training. So how exactly do you progress? From beginners to elite, having a personal trainer by your side in your fitness journey can provide maximal benefits.

Why You Should Have An Online Personal Trainer To Improve Your Paddle Board Fitness Goals

Using An Online Personal Trainer To Improve Your Paddle Board Fitness Goals

Improving your paddle board fitness level is an unconventional progression of exercise. You will likely have performance, aesthetic, and/or mental goals if you are looking to progress with your paddle boarding, but have no idea how to achieve them.

Working with an online personal trainer can help you plan and achieve these goals. So, how exactly can an online personal trainer help you achieve performance and life goals?

Online Personal Trainer for Paddle Board Fitness

Below we highlight the greatest benefits of having an online personal trainer to improve your paddle board fitness:

  1. Personalization:

    Personal trainers will discuss your training history, injuries, goals, and current lifestyle to target individualized training. Realistic and achievable goals can be set, and a personalized program can be designed based on your needs and requirements.

  2. Knowledge:

    Personal trainers have studied how to program exercise effectively.
    They will clearly and methodically plan sessions around your goals. They will teach you the correct techniques to maximize performance and reduce the risk of injury.

  3. Accountability:

    Booking a session with an online personal trainer becomes a scheduled activity you have to attend. Many people have the best intentions of working out, only to become demotivated throughout the day and consequently not complete their planned activity. A personal trainer will keep you accountable to your paddle board fitness goals, even if sometimes you don’t have the drive to attend a session.

  4. Progress:

    Having a personal trainer in your session can help push your fitness capabilities. Advancing in paddle boarding possess challenging milestones. Whether that be a beginner standing up on the board, or an advanced rider catching their first wave. Having a personal trainer guide you at your side during this milestone can provide great motivational and safety benefits.

  5. Social:

    You will likely spend a lot of time with your trainer, so much time they become a friend or unofficial therapist. Not only will personal trainers help you in your fitness journey, but they also lend an ear to hear about your thoughts and feelings which provides a great personal therapy benefit.

  6. Lifestyle:

    In addition to your paddle boarding progress, personal trainers can give you advice on how to manipulate your lifestyle to live a healthier life. This may include working with you on your nutrition, stress, or sleep.

  7. Confidence:

    Personal trainers know how far to push you based on your current physical and mental abilities. Often, we talk ourselves out of progressing, but a personal trainer helps us go beyond our capabilities when we don’t believe in ourselves. Consequently, we progress at a significantly faster rate compared to paddle boarding on our own.



    What Could Happen If You Don’t Use An Online Personal Trainer To Improve Your Paddle Board Fitness?

Personal trainers provide a great benefit, but you don’t have to use a personal trainer if you do not want to paddle board as a continuous recreational hobby. Paddle boarding promotes an active lifestyle while connecting with nature and socializing with friends.

Sometimes, the last thing you want to do is to be pushing your body during a calming sunset paddle with your mates. That’s okay, enjoy those moments, they’re worth it.

However, if you want to become fit, in shape and an all-round healthier person, an online personal trainer is a worthwhile investment.

Use an online personal trainer to maximize your individual performance and use their knowledge to help you become a healthier, fitter, more motivated person. They are there to help you achieve your goals, even if that is to become a better endurance paddler so you can enjoy those sunset paddles with your friends or on a competitive level.

Get fit with Paddle Board fitness Training


To begin or improve your paddle boarding you will need to spend time improving your fitness. Many of us have fitness goals whether they are performance, body transformations, or lifestyle based, but don’t know how to achieve them.

Online personal trainers can work with you to achieve your paddle boarding and lifestyle goals in an individualized manner while maximizing performance, committing to a schedule, safety, and efficiency.

They are not essential to paddle boarding, but they do provide great benefits. Even if used as a supplement to your training, having individualized programming and attention can greatly help you become a better overall paddle boarder and person.

If online personal fitness training is right for you. You can find your trainer by clicking here or the image below.


Online Personal Fitness Training for Paddle Board Fitness


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