Top 10 Standup Paddle Boards for Beginners – Get Started in SUP With These Beginner Boards

Are you about to purchase your very first Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP)? How exciting! Finding the right one, however, is challenging because of the choice overload and those endless parameters you need to consider. So let’s talk about choosing your SUP and some of the best beginner boards currently out there. To a new paddler,

To a new paddler, the stability of the board is crucial to their maintaining of the balance out in the water. While larger, wider and heavier boards are generally more stable, they are more difficult to carry to the water and store. Paddleboards made of plastic are the heaviest and cheapest on the market and, except for inflatable SUPs, lighter alternatives tend to cost more. What is your budget and what kind of waters will you be paddling in? Are you after a versatile board the whole family can use? Given your lifestyle and storage room, do you prefer a hard or an inflatable board? Here are our SUP suggestions.

Consider each board’s size, weight, capacity, and volume. Then choose in accordance with your budget and answers to the questions above.

Happy SUPping!

1. California Board Company Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard

California Company Standup Paddle BoardThis durable 11ft SUP is very stable, lightweight and suitable for the whole family. It is generally made for calmer waters which is great for novice beginners or advanced paddlers. No need to worry about hauling it around because its inflatable design is incredibly easy to store, carry, and transport.

Made of rugged PVC and fabric, it comes complete with wedge traction, kayak seat, a three-fin setup, storage bag, pump, and dual blade paddle with a kayak conversion. The paddle board’s maximum weight capacity is 265 pounds. It also comes with a high-pressure 15 psi pump (supplied with the board) which inflates the board to it’s correct pressure for maximum performance and glide.

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2. BIC Sports DURA-TEC Original Stand up Paddleboard

If you are looking for low-maintenance and stress-free performance. This 11’4’’ recreational board provides great balance due to its width.

It also comes with a high-quality polycarbonate fin. Dura-Tec SUPs are incredibly rugged and hard-wearing boards. The combination of a polyethylene outer skin.

Similar to that of a kayak with a high-density foam core. Usually found in traditional surfboards results in boards that are built to last with true boardsport performance.

These performance-minded shapes are based on BIC SUPs ACE-TEC series for versatility in both small waves and flat water cruising. The 9’4 is perfect for riders up to 135lbs. The 9’10 is a great all-around family board (similar to the ACE-TEC CROSS) for riders up to 190lbs. The 10’4 is a great all-around family board for riders up to approx. 180lbs. The 11’4 is great for riders up to 220lbs.

Premium features include a re-curved ergo-grip handle for easier transport and loading. Diamond-groove deck pad for comfortable traction in the standing area. Two deck inserts on the front of the board for deck-rigging. A 10″ US Fin Box that accepts all standard longboard surfboard fins (high-quality polycarbonate fin are included with the board).

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3. Pathfinder Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

The 10’6’’ inflatable beauty, made for flat waters, is surprisingly rigid when properly inflated. This SUP is a fine choice in situations where beginners will be sharing the board with experienced paddlers. It comes with an accessory bundle that includes a high-pressure pump, paddle, leash, and carry backpack. The Pathfinder Inflatable SUP is a perfect all-around SUP board.

The complete package includes SUP board, high-pressure air pump, removable center tracking fin, bungee tie-down, adjustable aluminum paddle, valve wrench, and a carry bag with shoulder straps. So portable and easy to store! When fully inflated, it feels very similar to a hard board (inflate to 15 PSI). Great for all day family fun wherever the next water adventure takes you!

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4. Aquaglide Cascade SUP Stand-Up Paddleboard

Aquaglide Cascade is another SUP great for learning and sharing. The 11’ board is stable, stiff and suitable for all-around use. It is built with a lightweight hand shaped EPS core reinforced with wood stringers. The Aquaglide Cascade series of inflatable boards makes the sport of SUP accessible to everyone.

They are ideally suited for travel, or anywhere storage space is an issue. Durable enough for whitewater use, and compact enough to take anywhere. Great for kids, because they are easy on their bodies and can take all kinds of abuse. Boat owners love them, as they can strap them to their decks or tie them off the stern without damaging the boat or the board.

Made from the best quality drop-stitch material with extra “Powerstrip” reinforcements, Cascade boards should be inflated to 14-18 psi, which makes them incredibly stiff for the most efficient paddling experience. The fin system is also updated with the stiffest interface on the market, with quick and easy tool-less mounting.

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5. Starboard Atlas ASAP Stand-Up Paddleboard

Starboard Atlas is made with durability in mind.  ASAP here stands for “as strong as possible”. It features a wider body that provides fantastic balance for every family member and is also suitable for bigger riders. 

An ultra-stable ride with comfortable balance and fun for cruising. Maximum stability at 36″ wide, suited to heavier or multiple riders up to 130kg. 12’0″ is the longest all round length offering fast glide for cruising and entry into waves. Race aft rocker for fast paddling and nose kick to deal with choppy water or downwinders. Mono concave offers speed and glide with the V tail for rail-to-rail turning. Starboard use inverted EVA deck pads to avoid waste, thus every second board will have a reverse color combination from what is featured. Bungee inserts for storing gear.

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6. iRocker Inflatable Cruiser Stand Up Paddle Board

iRocker Paddle Boards Cruiser, Perfect All Around Paddle Board! All Around 11’ Stand-Up Paddleboard iRocker boards provide unbeatable value for the money. The 11’ All Around is a family-friendly board you can cruise around on with your child or pet. The goody bag that comes with it includes a fiberglass paddle, dual-action pump, leash, secured tie-downs, bag, and repair kit.

Whether you are out for a relaxing day on the water or tracking miles down the coast, up the river, or across the lake, the iRocker Paddle Boards Cruiser is the perfect all around SUP.  Don’t be surprised with all the looks and attention you get on this amazing looking SUP.

This board boasts 10’6″ in length, 33″ in width, and a 6″ thickness.  The 33″ width and extra wide tail makes the iRocker Cruiser as stable as an inflatable board comes in any water conditions, whether you are in choppy or flat water.

The deck pad has been extended all the way to the tail of the board for those interested in Paddle Board Yoga, Fishing from your SUP, or you would like to take a cruise with your significant other.

The expanded front bungee area gives 3.3 square feet of storage space, enough room to secure all your gear.  The D-Rings also allow you to strap your gear down so go ahead, pack your lunch box with dinner and catch a perfect sunset out on the water.

The bottom of the board has a tri-fin set up with 2 side fins permanently fixed to the board and one larger removable center fin.  The tri-fin set up allows for straight tracking while paddling to keep the side to side paddle motion to a minimum.

Not only is the iRocker Cruiser SUP Package equipped with everything you need, it is equipped with only the highest quality accessories available.

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7. Solstice Bali Stand-Up

Paddleboard Hard to beat for its combination of price and overall excellence, 10’8’’ Solstice Bali SUP is ideal for beginners. The board can be used in pretty much any water condition and it comes with a carry bag and an average-quality pump you can upgrade later on. The Solstice by Swimline Bali Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard is lightweight, high-pressure, 10-Feet 8-Inch inflatable paddleboard. It is very sleek, lightweight and fast. Extremely rigid and strong. Includes 4 stainless tie-downs for securing gear. Durable 1000 Denier 3 ply PVC reinforced fabric material.

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8. ISLE Versa Epoxy Stand-Up Paddleboard

This 10’5’’ SUP is light enough for one person to carry, however, it holds the weight of everyone from children to adults. The board is well-designed and durable and it comes with an adjustable paddle. It can be used on flat water as well as in small waves.

This model offers a generous width and thickness in a classic longboard shape. It’s a one-board solution for paddlers wanting stability and versatility in both flat water and small-to-medium surf. This board is both durable and lightweight, so it’s very easy to transport and maneuver.

  • SPECS: 10’5” x 32” x 4.5” – All around shape perfect for beginner, intermediate riders on flat water and small waves
  • ULTRA DURABLE – EPS/Epoxy Technology creates an epoxy board that’s both lightweight and strong
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT- Comfort groove carry handle makes this stand up easy to transport
  • INCLUDES ACCESSORY BUNDLE – Adjustable Paddle (Carbon Shaft and Nylon Blade) and Fin

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9. HydroForce White Cap Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard SUP

This is a mid-range inflatable SUP perfect for learning and honing your paddling skills. Long-lasting and visually attractive.

The Bestway White Cap SUP & Kayak is great for a beginner or avid paddlers needing a convenient solution. The White Cap is an all-purpose SUP and Kayak with great speed and stability. Easy to store.  The deflated dimensions are 19.69″ x 11.81″ x 33.86″ with a weight of 34 lbs. Premium features include three modeled fins for directional stability, drop-stitch material provides unparalleled strength and durability. A non-slip traction pad, steel tow ring and a convenient deck handled to easily pick up and carry the SUP. Packaging includes: aluminum oar, Air Hammer inflation pump, travel bag, pressure gauge and kayak seat with back rest. Dimensions: 120″ x 32″ x 4″.

  • Can be used as an SUP or kayak, Sleek, lightweight and fast
  • Extremely rigid and strong – Weight limit of up to 209 lbs. on the water
  • Durable 3 ply reinforced polyester mesh-core encased in two layers of laminated PVC and drop-stitch construction
  • Kit Includes: Aluminum oar, travel bag, pump, gauge, and kayak seat with back rest
  • Dimensions: 120″ x 32″ x 4

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10. Naish Mana Soft Top Paddleboard

The Mana 11’ Soft Top SUP is specifically designed for inexperienced paddlers. The board is easy to maneuver and balance. It can be enjoyed by multiple family members. You can use it on calmer flat water as well as on beaches with small waves. The Mana 10’0″ GS features a wide, stable design for riders of any size wanting stability for a small surf. It has an extra-wide outline for increased stability making learning and riding small waves remarkably easy. It’s V bottom shape and exaggerated tail rocker also provides great turning characteristics.

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