Should You Buy An Inflatable Standup Paddle Board? Here Are 6 Reasons Why These Make For Good SUP Boards!

So you just got back from an amazing tropical beach vacation. You were able to enjoy all the water sports like jet-skiing, parasailing, banana boat riding and more. However, you found yourself enjoying the wonderful sport of SUP or Standup Paddle Boarding. You decide to take on this new hobby and research which are the best paddle

Top 10 Standup Paddle Boards for Beginners – Get Started in SUP With These Beginner Boards

Are you about to purchase your very first Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP)? How exciting! Finding the right one, however, is challenging because of the choice overload and those endless parameters you need to consider. So let’s talk about choosing your SUP and some of the best beginner boards currently out there. To a new paddler, To

How To Carry A Standup Paddle Board If You Are A Beginner!

If you are new to standup paddle boarding and have gone out a few times. You will notice that carrying the paddle board can be quite cumbersome. It is fairly large, wide and some are heavy. In the video below we take you through the steps on how to carry a standup paddle board using

What Is Standup Paddle boarding ( SUP) And Why Is It The Fastest Growing Water Sport? [Infographic]

Standup Paddle Boarding is the fastest growing outdoor water sport in the United States. It is slowly becoming popular in Canada, The United Kingdom, and almost every other country that has nearby oceans, rivers, and lakes. Standup Paddle Boarding offers some great fitness and health benefits to those who participate in the outdoor activity. Below is

How Standup Paddle Boarding Can Help You Lose Weight, Relieve Stress, And Improve Your Overall Fitness!

Standup paddle boarding (SUP) is an outdoor recreational activity that can be enjoyed on any type of water surface — whether you’re paddle boarding in an inland lake or in the high seas. Paddle boarding not only provides an enjoyable experience, but it is also a great way to stay fit. Standup paddle boarding equips you

Keeper Sports Stand Up Paddle Board Set (10-Feet 6 x 31 x 5.5-Inch): Review

Specs of the Keeper Sports Stand Up Paddle Board The Keeper Sports Stand Up Paddle Board has a customized mold shape with a waterproof resin coating around 3 layers of laminated wood stringers. The paddleboard is 100% waterproof core that is heat laminated for high density. It also has a slick heat laminated high-density polyethylene

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable 9’10” SUP Package Review

Product Review: It can be difficult to know where to start with paddle boarding. There are a few things that look as impressive as a skilled boarder riding the surf, but how do you make the leap from spectator to adventurer? Fortunately, the answer is a simple one. The majority of beginners start out with

New To Standup Paddle Boarding? How To Choose Your First Standup Paddle Board!

Standup paddle boarding is the best way for one to enjoy the great outdoors and have fun. It is also an ideal way to give your body a full workout. Choosing the right board can be a hard decision for a beginner. Below are tips on how to select an SUP. The first thing to

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